Wednesday, January 21, 2009

After a challenging close to 2008 - I am happy to report that I am back on track.

2008 saw the closure of Online Market Experts and eventual sale of my business Entertainment House. My team of 18 people, I am happy to report has moved on to new positions at other companies. I wish all of them well.

During this challenging time I lead a campaign against eBay making Paypal the only payment method on the Australian eBay site. As president of PeSA, I conducted meetings with eBay management here and in the US seeking remedy of behalf of Australian sellers and then rallied our legal team, the ACCC and the ABA for a successful halt to the action. Three months latter I held a 2 day eBay summit for 350 people at Flemington racecourse to help reconnect eBay with the seller community.

Oh and a friend that convinced me to lend him a large some of money in 2007 (for 30days) still has not paid any back.

In October I launched my new business venture and in November, I was offered a new position as Director, Asia Pacific with

After spending over $1,000,000 on advertising and customer acquisition via eBay with Entertainment House, I have been convinced over the past few years that there must be a better way to acquire customers. My good friend John Wieber launched SeoMoves and invited me to a Pubcon (SEO conference) in Vegas early November. Pubcon was a sort of religious experience for me – My direction became crystal clear.

John is an amazing person and I am thrilled to be working with him and being able to talk with him daily. John has the ‘keys to the kingdom’ to helping websites rank on Google, and he has proven himself in the world’s toughest online market – America. will change the SEO landscape in Australia. We are focused on delivering results that Australian companies have not witness before. Both John and I understand what it costs to run an online business and we are passionate about THE most important aspect of an online business – Search Engine Optimization (Optimisation).

If I can give one piece of advice to anyone from my personal experience of over 300,000 successful online transactions, it would be this – Start with SEO before you do anything.

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I will try to make blogging a more regular activity now I know of its importance in Google’s eyes.

Thanks for reading.

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