Friday, June 12, 2009

Paul Greenberg from caught sleeping around!

Paul Greenberg is the Co-Founder

Don't you just HATE IT when YOU are drawn by a negative headline for a positive and honorable cause................TO OBTAIN REDEMPTION PLEASE read on folks.....

St. Vincent de Paul’s CEO SleepOut

This unique event will help to raise money for St Vincent de Paul’s ongoing work in large cities and small towns to address homelessness, domestic violence, unemployment and addiction issues.

Paul and over 150 CEOs will be taking part in this sleepout, which is an even better turnout than expected. There are some very big names getting involved (apart from our beloved Paul!) from the likes of Dick Smith, Fairfax, CBA, and even the NSW government. Knowing Paul, he may be too excited to sleep at all with that many interesting people to talk to!

Paul and all other participants will be spending the night living as a homeless person and will be provided with cardboard to sleep on – strictly no airbeds or mattresses will be allowed. We expect that there may be some escape attempts by those who miss their warm beds and air conditioning, but no one will be permitted to leave until 7am, so tough cookies!
The objective of this unique event is not only to raise money, resources and awareness, but to highlight the harsh realities of homelessness.

You can help this great cause by supporting Paul in the CEO SleepOut and clicking here to donate. You can donate as little as $2, and although even that doesn’t seem much, it all adds up when every cent counts. If you’d like to donate a little more, here are some figures that may interest you:

• By donating $50, you can provide a homeless person with a bed, a meal and a fresh change of clothes for one night.

• A donation of $100 will help equip the Vinnies Night Patrol vans with food and hot drinks, helping to bring friendship and warmth to homeless persons across our cities every night of the year.

• A gift of $500 will enable a homeless person to complete a lifeskills course, preparing them to re-enter the community and contribute to society.

• Your donation of $1,000 will enable a survivor of domestic violence, and their children to make the supported transition from a St Vincent de Paul Society refuge into independent housing.

For more information on the St. Vincent de Paul CEO SleepOut or to see who else is getting involved, you can visit the CEO SleepOut Website.

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