Thursday, July 16, 2009

New Bowlsworld Site is Live!

After months of work I am happy to announce the new Bowlsworld site is live!

Bowlsworld is your virtual bowls club with members from across Australia and the world. You can submit your news articles and tournament information to share with the lawn bowling community.

• We have also moved our shop to Sydney and expanded our product range.
• Our Forum will be updated next week with new functionality.
• New site functions will be rolled out in coming months.

I hope you enjoy your new Bowls World

Good Bowling,

Phil Leahy

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

PeSA Welcomes changes to eBay Australia

The Professional eBay Sellers Alliance in Australia supports new pricing initiatives announced by eBay Australia today.

PeSA has fought for fair pricing and improvements in the Australian eBay pricing model to give more financial encouragement to sellers, and provide a better platform allowing more profitable sales. In particular PeSA has been a strong advocate for features such as free gallery images, and lower insertion fees for fixed price sales.

The pricing changes eBay has released today are a positive step forward. We believe the changes put forward encourage long term growth on eBay for sellers and a better experience for buyers.

Given the strong shift in the buyer market from Auctions to Fixed Price sales, PeSA is encouraged that there is now pricing advantages for sellers who wish to use a fixed price model by providing for sellers to list more items in a more efficient manner.

The addition of store listings into core search using Bestmatch is encouraging, although PeSA hopes the changes will not have a negative impact on current auction listings and sellers.

To learn more about these significant changes, sellers are encouraged to register for the upcoming PeSA summit in Sydney on August 13th and 14th 2009 for details go to:

Shaun O'Brien

President of PeSA Australia (The Professional eBay Sellers Alliance) & Managing Director of

Registration and further information can be found at:

Or contact Shaun O’Brien

Friday, July 3, 2009

Do you want a powerful tool to manage twitter?

I found this one and it rocks!

If you are using twitter and want to automate some or all of the process check out this great tool.