Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Trading Post print publication is DEAD!

Tell em they're dreaming......

Trading Post announced today that it will become an exclusively online trading platform from November with the last print publications on sale from 29 October 2009.
This is a brave move considering that the user and seller experience on is basically crap. Some reports from industry insiders say the Trading Post blew over 250 million taking on
I was quoted in Trading Post press release of May 2008 welcoming them as competitors to eBay; however we have not heard a word from Trading Post since. I have talked with the few sellers that have listed on the site and they tell me it’s not worth the effort.
Well Telstra BigPond, what are you going to do to deliver a competitive offering to both buyers and sellers?
Trading Post you might want to line those ducks up before killing the print side.

PS - Start by changing your dumb title tag on your home page and stop the practice of using duplicate home pages – Seo 101.

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  1. I agree that it was a brave move, but I wonder why why they considered becoming an online trading platform.

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