Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A revolution in Google adwords!

The SeoMoves Pay-Per-Click (PPC) product suite manages paid search campaigns for clients, with two objectives:
1. Decrease cost per conversion
2. Increase conversion volume

SeoMoves is working with over 70 clients in 11 countries and has in average reduced cost per conversion by 58% and increased conversion volume by 67%. Here is how it is done!

The process of engaging with SeoMoves has two phases:
1. Analysis phase
2. Execution phase

PPC Analytics Phase – Campaign Audit
The first step is to capture what your objective with your PPC campaigns is; (1) Cost per Conversion, or (2) Cost per revenue (% of revenue). SeoMoves will then request MCC (My Client Center) access to your Google AdWords account through the Google vendor program.

Through the Google API SeoMoves will extract historic performance data from your account, match it with your objective by running it through our application (a set of algorithms). You will receive an Audit report specific to your account.

The Audit report will give you keyword level analysis of your campaigns:
- Number of keywords with too high (CPC)
- Number of keywords with too low (CPC)
- Number of keywords with the right CPC
- Number of keywords that should be de-activated
- Examples of your keyword specific CPC changes for 25 sample keywords

If you like what you see, moving to the next phase only takes minutes.

PPC Campaign Execution Phase
The results of the PPC Audit establishes the spend profile for each keyword. SeoMoves will use its proprietary methodology to rebuild campaigns (SeoMoves campaign(s) will be inserted into your accounts with Paused status) with a highly granular structure. Your existing campaigns will be left 100% intact, serving as your insurance policy should you at any point decide to disable SeoMoves and revert to your current campaigns.

Once you launch the SeoMoves campaign (and Pause your existing campaigns) results will come quickly; cost per conversion immediately and increase in volume over the next weeks. The process we used for the Audit runs daily to ensure your campaigns meet your objectives, and will even grow stronger over time as more data is harvested.

Managing a SeoMoves campaign is easy, all you need to do is a few minutes every week to tweak ad copy and evaluate landing pages effectiveness using our methodology.

This is real and the results speak for themselves. If you want to decrease your adwords spend and increase conversions contact me urgently to test this revolutionary offering.