Saturday, November 20, 2010

My prediction for the next president of the United Sates of America - Chris Christie.

I take the opportunity to predict that Chris Christie will be the next president of USA. Chris Christie is currently the Governor of New Jersey and I saw him interviewed on CNBC last time I was here back in June 2010 - I was immediately impressed.

Governor Christie is a blunt politician that doesn’t play the same others. He speaks his mind and is focused on fixing New Jersey’s 35 year budget defict. I am personally sick of the bullshit that politicians spin both in Australia and the USA.
I make this prediction (in hope) because he is exactly the type of person we need to fix America's out of control deficits.

This video say’s it all.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Claims of $600 million in lost GST revenue are false.

ARA Calls for Tax Reform
Peak retail industry body the Australian Retailers Association (ARA) said the Government could be losing up to $600 million in revenue by allowing goods under $1000 to be imported into Australia GST free.

The ARA claims of the government missing out on $600 million in lost GST revenue are completely false. They use simple math to come to this figure, saying that the size of goods purchased online in Australia was 12 Billion with over half going off shore. No retailer in Australia passes on 100% of the GST they collect. They only pay on the profit component of the transaction after applying GST Credits. There is also no mention on the cost of collection and enforcement. Why should we believe an association that transmits a false and misleading press release?

Free trade
The ARA wants to prevent free trade and promote protectionism of Australian retailers via taxation. Wake up. If you want Australian retailers to be competitive then encourage them to go online and compete globally.

Heads in the sand
I have witnessed the ARA over the last eight or so years pumping out press releases warning consumers about the dangers of buying online as a mechanism of trying to stem the flow of online sales - instead of actively pushing members to embrace the space.

Tax Reform
There are some opportunities for tax reform that does not involve lifting the $1000 tax-free threshold and taxing Australian consumers. If the government is looking to increase revenues then it needs to look at GST on the fees of giants like Google. Currently Australian companies advertising on Google do not pay GST. If you want a serious debate about online tax reform then that is where the debate should start.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pubcon in Vegas

I have been busy working on the next PeSA Australia conference. We set new benchmarks each time we hold our conference, as our survey data suggests, get better each year.  Our growth has been a steady 35% increase in attendance with this year reaching the 500 mark.

It is important to monitor what is happening here in Australia and attend conferences in the USA, to seek out the latest trends, quality speakers and network with industry leaders.

I am heading to Pubcon in Las Vegas on November 7 with a group of about 10 Australians.  Pubcon is a fantastic conference and I am pleased to see the Australian contingent grow again this year. I am not the most prolific tweeter; however you will find that I am pretty active during Pubcon due to the fantastic content.

After Pubcon I will be heading to NYC to work on Shop New York, the place to buy shoes online (Notice the anchor text? Good opportunity for some free SEO). I will be located in Manhattan for a week and look forward to catching up with my NYC friends.

The eBay edit of PeSA Australia conference 2011.

Save the date: PeSA 2011 July 21 & 22

We produced a 2 minute video of this years conference and the folks at eBay produced their own 4 minute version.  Here is the eBay version.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Girl who sings about New York

I know I am slow to react about what a landmark track Empire Sate of Mind by Jay-Z featuring Alicia Keys is.  This track has been slow to bed with me however I felt compelled to write about it after talking with my best buddy Tim Byrne of Kiss FM last night - who said the same. Normally when I travel to NYC Frank Sinatra’s “Theme from New York City” comes into my head. Now it’s has been replaced by Empire State of Mind.  

Words like “Concrete jungle where dreams are made of, There's nothing you can’t do, Now you're in New York!!!
These streets will make you feel brand new, the lights will inspire you,
Let's hear it for New York, New York, New York” hit the mark.

Ladies and Gentlemen this is a landmark track.

Like the city -I love it.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Who is the smartest guy on the planet?

If you Google The smartest guyJohn Wieber holds #1 search position. John is a close friend of mine that I had the pleasure of meeting 7 years ago in the USA. I don’t know if he is the smartest guy on the planet however I do know that he is one of the smartest I have ever met.

The smartest Guy #1 position is an unofficial competition amongst online entrepreneurs, SEO gurus, and search experts. I have heard different speakers over the years claim the mantle and I was with John at an event in New Orleans a few years back when he proclaimed, “I can do that!” A few months later a client challenged him. I checked about 2 weeks ago and he achieved the #1 position.

Congratulations John!

BTW: if you would like to talk with John, I am happy to introduce you….

Survey Winners & Save the Date

Congratulations to our winners that completed our survey for PeSA 2010. We are pleased to announce Chris Peart won a 6month eBay Anchor store subscription to the (value: $3,000) & Cassie Bird from a 3month subscription (value: $1500). A big thanks to our event sponsors eBay Australia and our survey respondents.

SAVE THE DATE: The next PeSA Summit July 28th & 29th 2011. Venue announced soon.

Monday, September 20, 2010

The Cleansing Rainbow Gang?

This is truly cleansing time for Australia as light is shined on independents and greens. I believe that the Labor/Green/independents alliance can never survive 3 years due to the fragile nature of the balance and the likely hood of a sickness or death (of a member) or some sandal that forces a by-election.

A light will now shine into the corners of the political landscape to the vocal minorities of green & independents. They have avoided the light due to the dominance two party system. They have cherished the day to bask in the light and they will soon be living by the “be careful what you wish for” rule.

This will prove to be a challenging time for Green & independents.

I am in favor of using this time to achieve parliamentary reform; a true independent speaker of the House is a good start and more relevance during question time (Hard task to achieve).

We are going to swallow some horrible policy over the next term however it is a great opportunity to enact change to parliament procedure at the same time.

When the house is burning it’s a good idea to try and save the furniture.

To be optimistic, every negative has a potential silver lining.

One thing is for sure, Robert Oakeshott is in for a tuff time and it will only be a matter of time before you witness him crying.

Is this the change we have to have?

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Monday, August 9, 2010

Empire Avenue - The social networkers game with bennifits

--> -->

On July 28th Empire Avenue hit the net. My buddy from New York, Adam Hersh the online posters king, sent me a link to Empire Avenue.

It’s fun and educating at the same time. Everyone that has a passion for social media should jump on this one. There are less than 100 users in Australia so jump on now and set up a profile.

·      It’s a fun game that expands your network
·      Any new link that you have to your website helps your seo
·      This will help you understand what is perceived as value in social media
·      Use this in addition to Klout to monitor your social media performance

I predict that this site will be a monster and a profitable business model. Nice work guys!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Australian eBay sellers send a $21,577 message!

I am very happy to report that the PeSA attendee’s are a generous lot.

Some 230 people attended our Gala charity auction on Thursday night at Flemington. Tracy Bartram was our MC and John Shore from Ray White our auctioneer.  

We raised $21,577 for the Alannah & Mandeline foundation.

Thanks to our sponsors eBay & PayPal for their generous support.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Over 450 registered for PeSA 2010 Learn, Grow, Succeed.

This is your last chance to attend PeSA 2010! The annual Australian conference for professional eBay sellers.

Flemington Racecourse will host this 2-day event this Thursday & Friday. 

Don't forget Thursday night we host our Gala Charity auction (with thanks to eBay & PayPal) with MC Tracy Bartram. All funds raised will go to The Alannah & Madeline Foundation

If you cannot make this year’s event then follow the action on Twitter: #pesasummit

I look forward to seeing you at PeSA 2010

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Letter to the Editor Melbourne Weekly

Page 3 Top News Fairfax Media Melbourne Weekly July 21-27

Fake Danby Website has the real thing all fired up (July 21st)

In response to your article I would like to clarify my actions for publishing a blog “the unofficial website of Michael Danby”

Firstly there was nothing fake about the discussion site. It clearly stated upfront that is was “unofficial”.

In April of this year I conducted a search on Google and found that the local member hadn’t registered his domain name extension or secured his name on twitter. I decided to set up a site that was an open discussion of what people thought of Michael’s Danby’s performance, which included a poll.

It started off as a well-balanced blog, then as time went on some people became vicious; many posts (that I moderated) could not see the light of day due to their hateful nature. The majority of the personal attacks came from the Labor side, however users posted some 20 comments.

It was the Liberal party that called me and asked me to take down the site as they “didn’t want any distractions during the election and they didn’t support publishing of unofficial websites by party members”. I pointed out that Labor had officially endorsed sites to attack Liberals like and my site was an open discussion forum. I was told, “The Liberal Party does not play the same way Labor does”

I immediately withdrew the site and tendered my resignation to the party.

My actions for publishing the site were my own and any reference by Mr Danby that my actions were endorsed are completely wrong. (I was an ordinary member that held no title, who paid $70 or so a year to be a member).

The claims of Mr. Danby finding out about the site three days before the election being called are ludicrous and he knows it. It is a simple fact that all Mr. Danby (or his office) had to do was contact me to remove any so-called offending post. Mr. Danby’s choice was to engage in a political stunt by producing a press release to the media three days out from the election being called.

It highlights the fact that Labor is determined to filter (censor) the Internet but they don’t stand by the same rules when it comes their actions. Witness

Mr. Danby stated in your article that he is happy for people to openly discuss his performance - then I invite him to include a forum on his website. I would be interested to find out from others in Melbourne Ports as to why they would want to continue to support a local member that seems so dedicated to being on the back bench. As a resident of Melbourne Ports for over 15 years, I would rather see someone with front bench ambition and someone that embraced and adopted new media.

Phil Leahy

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What sort of delegates will be at PeSA Summit 2010?

2010 will be the largest PeSA Summit event yet, with over 350 delegates registered - and three weeks still left to go! Around 30% of delegates have attended previously, leaving 70% for whom this will be their first Summit.

So what sort of delegates will be at PeSA Summit 2010?

We've collected some information as people registered, to gain a more complete picture of who will be at Summit.

Where are people coming from?

In addition to people travelling from other countries (USA & India) delegates will be traveling from around Australia to attend Summit.

NSW 24%
VIC 39%
QLD 10%
SA 5%
WA 10%
QLD 10%
TAS 2%

Size of business

When Summit delegates were asked to advise their expected business sales, it has shown that small and large Sellers will be attending Summit.

Under $70,000 29%
$70,000-$250,000 28%
$250,000-$500,000 15%
$500,000 - $1 million 10%
$1 million + 18%

Styles of selling

Whilst many delegates only sell on eBay, for many others they have a variety of channels to market.

Other auction sites 7%
Own website 35%
Offline store 18%
As a wholesaler to other sellers/retailers 13%
Only sell on eBay 26%

Types of Business - eBay categories

Summit delegates come from a huge range of eBay seller categories.

Antiques 2%
Art 1%
Baby 4%
Beauty, Health 5%
Books 4%
Business 2%
Cameras 1%
Cars, Bikes, Boats 9%
Clothing, Shoes, Accessories 9%
Collectables - incl stamps & coins 4%
Computers 2%
Crafts 2%
Dolls, Bears 1%
Electronics 5%
Home 12%
Industrial 2%
Jewellery 4%
Movies 3%
Music 3%
Musical Instruments 2%
Phones 2%
Pottery, Glass 1%
Services 0%
Sport 8%
Toys, Hobbies 6%
Video Games 2%

For more details visit the PeSA Website

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Free Expo Pass to Online Retailer

I highly recommend attending Online Retailer in Sydney on 6-9 July.
This is the standout event for the online community in Australia and cannot be missed. Over 120 exhibitors will showcase online solutions for your business.
For readers of my blog you can use the discount code: FE296 for a
FREE EXPO PASS that is valued at $40.00. Register HERE
See you at OR 2010!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Limited space available.



Limited space available.

 The 4th Annual PeSA conference. This year is on track to be the biggest PeSA Summit yet with over 300 people already booked!.
Book now to avoid disappointment. Limited space available. This event will be sold out!
Registration for the two day event is only $349.
We’re also hosting a fabulous dinner this year which will only be $75 a head, including all drinks! Our two day agenda has also been finalised. You can download a PDF of the agenda.
We’ve got a great mix so far, with
  • 15% of sellers expecting $1 million+ in revenue this year,
  • 10% expecting $500k-$1milion
  • 15% expecting $250k-$500k
  • Balance below $250k.
  • 25% only sell on eBay, with the rest using eBay as one of their channels to market.
NEW TO SUMMIT? Check out the Why Attend page.
Learn more about announced eBay Changes &
meet the new eBay Business Development Managers!

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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What has the Rudd government actually achieved?

A friend of mine Grant Robilliard sent me these observations of the Rudd Labor government.


 What has the Rudd government actually achieved?  Here's a list (albeit not a comprehensive one) of some of their "achievements":

1  Said Sorry several times.

 2  Ratified Kyoto as it is about to expire without a successor.

3  Organised best and brightest summit-if anything useful came out of that, I missed it.

4  Set up Fuel Watch, a costly fiasco since abandoned.

 5  Set up Grocery Watch another costly fiasco since abandoned.

 6  Established the Australian Social Inclusion Board. This rarely heard of bureaucracy was set up because, "Every Australian should have an opportunity to be a full participant in the life of the nation. Unfortunately, too many Australians remain locked out of the benefits of work, education, community engagement and access to basic services. This social exclusion is a significant barrier to sustained prosperity and restricts Australia 's future growth." If there is any evidence to support this argument it wasn't included in the announcement. The Board has been described as "the biggest waste of tax dollars imaginable, towards some more Rudd-style feel-goodism". That was in May 2008. It probably did seem a big waste of tax dollars then, but it's been turned into a drop in the ocean by what's happened since.

 7  Set up the home insulation program-what a disaster! It was a debacle because Rudd so wanted the Feds to be able to claim the credit, he gave it to his Dept of Environment. This feel-good department, whose Minister's previous experience was lead singer with a rock band, is full of environmental scientists and climate change disciples with zero experience in dealing with the real world or delivering real programs. Four deaths, a minister demoted, (not sacked or had his salary reduced) and $50 million+ to former union heavy Greg Combet to fix it.  Yet, Combet says that may not be enough. And the claimed environmental benefits were grossly exaggerated. Rudd said he took full responsibility but I don't what that means.  He's still PM, he's still drawing his salary and privileged superannuation benefits.

 8  Set up SIHIP (Strategic Indigenous Housing and Infrastructure Program). This program was initiated by a Memorandum of Understanding in September 2007. In July 2009 the ABC (hardly a hot-bed of opposition to the ALP) reported on its Lateline program that it was yet to build a single house. That was despite $45.54 million of its $672 million budget having been spent. A government report dated August 2009 said the program was being criticised as: too slow to deliver; its governance was overly bureaucratic; the program is too costly in terms of unit cost of housing and administration. The revised program budget is still $672m with each new house expected to cost $450,000 or $529,000 after factoring in a proportion of administration costs and "contingencies".  As at 1 February 2010, 2 of a target of 750 houses and 70 of 2,500 refurbishments had been completed.

 9  Sent money direct to taxpayers and non-taxpayers to spend on large screen imported TV's to stimulate the economy and avoid the effects of what Rudd and Swan called the worst depression since the 1930s. In fact unemployment was 11% in 1991 and in 2009 didn't get to 6%, which not too many years ago would have been regarded as virtually full employment. Remember Beattie's target 5%?  But if you can't maintain your popularity rating by sending money to voters what can you do?

 10  Promised that every child in every school in Australia would have access to  a computer. This program is moving so slowly that most of the people who were high school students at the time of the promise will have left school before they see a new computer.

 11  Set up the $70m green loans mess.  People gave up their jobs, paid $3,000 for qualifications and insurance to be trained as assessors, only to find the demand for green loans had been grossly exaggerated, many more assessors were trained than the program envisaged, and there was no work for most of them. The Courier-Mail reported on 2 Feb 2010 that: "The Federal Government predicted up to 200,000 home-owners would take up the loans and only 1,000 have done so ....instead of training 1,500 to 2,000 well-qualified assessors the Government permitted a blow-out and it is now estimated there will be up to 11,500 well-qualified assessors". The program has now been transferred to Penny Wong's department.  That should fix it!

 12  Turned a good budget surplus into such a huge debt that our grandchildren will have so much trouble servicing it that our population will have to increase rapidly. Blamed the global financial collapse while steadfastly refusing to give any credit to Howard or Costello for leaving them an excellent budget position to work with. Intends to bring the budget back to surplus by menas of higher taxes.

 13  Didn't include any major infrastructure in the stimulus package because the effects would be felt too slowly (except for duplicating school halls and gyms).

 14  Set up the home solar hot water initiative which was abruptly ended three weeks early with eight hours notice. This caused chaos in the industry, and many people intending to lodge applications missed out. Peter Garrett blamed a cost blow-out from the original estimate of $150 million to $750 million a year for the cut-back.

 15  Disbanded Work Choices. He had to do this because it was the unions' self-funded campaign against it that saw him elected.  Replaced it by giving back powers to the unions and re-instating the Industrial Relations Club. Set up Fair Work Australia with what seems to many as an over-representation of people with union backgrounds. One result of this is that some employers now have up to three award rates to take into account when deciding what their employees must be paid; and a very complex transition from old to new award rates, phased in over a couple of years. Another result is less flexibility for small businesses to employ casual staff.

 16  Changed the previous government's immigration laws so successfully that the exponential blow-out in illegal boat arrivals created a need for a lot more accommodation on Christmas Island.

 17  Has recently suspended the processing of applications for permanent visas until after the election, presumably hoping there won't be a dramatic build up on Christmas Inland and that the electors will forget about the whole situation by the next election.

 18  Said "the science is in on climate change" and claimed the Emissions Trading Scheme would fix it. Labelled sceptics as deniers.

 19 Attempted to railroad the ETS through the Senate before Copenhagen for no other reason than it would have allowed Rudd to strut the world stage.

 20 Went to Copenhagen taking 114 government free-loaders with him (one of the largest of the 190 delegations), at huge cost to the Australian taxpayer and the world's environment. I haven't seen any announcement of the cost of the junket (and I doubt I ever will), but I'm sure that whatever was going to be achieved, at least 100 of the free-loaders were superfluous to requirements. And it was fairly predictable that nothing would be achieved.

 21 Refuses to debate the use of nuclear power generation to reduce pollution because it's against ALP and union policy.

 22 Has opened one of 2,650 promised "trades training centres", one of 260 promised child care centres in schools and TAFEs, and 2 of 31 promised GP Super Clinics.

 23 Attracted 752 retired nurses back into the profession using a return-to-work bonus. When they announced this scheme Labor hoped 7,750 would take up the offer.

 24 Removed Labor's original election 2007 promises from the ALP website.

 25 Promised to take Japan to court on whaling, but now says that will not be until November, probably after the election. As time goes on, I find I'm becoming less convinced about who is really at fault here, Japan for fishing in international waters, or the protesters for disrupting a legitimate commercial operation.

 26 Has so far kept the Henry tax review secret for political reasons. Initially KRudd was saying it wouldn't be released until after the election. Wiser heads have since made him realise people won't vote for a new tax system when they don't know what's in it. And there must be something nasty in it, either unpalatable to the voters or inconsistent with ALP policy, or it would be heralded as another triumph for the Rudd government.

 27 Announced he will keep 30% of the state's GST to fund 60% of their hospital costs. The 60% funding will have strings attached. The states have not been given any of the details, just the executive summary, and he expects them to agree to the proposals without knowing what the strings are, or what he might take back with the other hand under the Henry tax review. The announcement doesn't explain how it will improve delivery of hospital services, but it will probably add another layer of bureaucrats to the health system. Australia already has 450,000 bureaucrats looking after 290,000 health professionals. The announcement was hurriedly made in March 2010 after it had been pointed out that he had imposed a June 2009 deadline on himself for reform of the hospitals system. Perhaps this explains the lack of details. Refer back to the criticisms of SIHIP above. I think it'll be deja vu all over again. Rudd said if the states block his plan he will take it to a referendum, which of course is just grandstanding. Opinion polls show voters just don't believe it will fix anything,

 28. Turned Gillard loose with $16.7 billion to give building contractors, states and bureaucrats a feast in return for COLAs and unwanted libraries and gyms - the insulation racket all over again, only far more costly.

 29  Recently he trotted out five senior ministers to criticise the Senate for being "obstructionist". The 5 were Jenny (SIHIP) Macklin, Penny (ETS) Wong, Lindsay (clean nose) Tanner, Nicola (new hospital system) Roxon, and Greg (Mr Fixit) Combet. I think Rudd is lucky the Senate has been obstructionist because if it wasn't he'd have more failures to add to his already impressive list. I noticed Julia was too smart to join the line-up of losers, and has managed not to be associated with too many of the above "achievements" - actually lying low while the schools building fiasco and criminal activities are unfolding. But watch your back, Kev.

 30 Shelved the Emissions Trading Scheme - which not too long ago was his prime platform. The bureaucracy set up for administering it is, however, still in place.

31 Announced a major new tax on the resources industry; while forgetting that this is an inherently cyclical industry. After the boom, there will be a bust.

Rudd's a dud. But everyone's entitled to their own opinion, and if I've missed some real achievements I sincerely apologise.

 I can't wait to hear how he will try to turn these "achievements" into something which will encourage the Australian electors to give Labor and, equally important, the unions another chance!

 Of equal importance will be what the Liberals put forward to convince the electors that they will be any better.  They will have plenty of cheap shots to fire but that is NOT the main game from an opposition seeking to become the government.  They need to develop and put forward sound, well thought out and costed policies to get Australia out of the mess into which Labor has dropped us.

 Not possible for a labour government. They are far too quick in making decisions that are inherently wrong and are too slow to deliver, unless its about gaining votes. Why were they voted in - to protect the people they govern or to protect themselves? I say the latter. 

Friday, June 4, 2010

PeSA Summit - Be quick earlybird price ends June 11th!

Be quick earlybird price ends June 11th!

This year is on track to be the biggest PeSA Summit yet!. Book now to avoid disappointment. Limited space available.
Earlybird registration for the two day event is only $249 until Friday 11 June, 2010.
Register online today>We’re also hosting a fabulous dinner this year which will only be $65 early bird a head, including all drinks! Our two day agenda has also been finalised. You can download a PDF on the agenda page.

WHAT SIZE BUSINESSES ARE REGISTERED? We’ve got a great mix so far, with 15% of sellers expecting $1 million+ in revenue this year, 10% expecting $500k-$1milion, 15% expecting $250k-$500k and the balance below $250k. Of Sellers registered, 25% only sell on eBay, with the rest using eBay as one of their channels to market.

NEW TO SUMMIT? Check out the About Summit page.
** Learn more about announced eBay Changes at PeSA Summit + meet the new eBay Business Development Manager.

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Optimise and Thrive 2010 Networking Breakfast at Crown Casino

I attended a networking breakfast today that was organized by Online Retailer. There were various speakers, however the standout was Kevin Mackin General Manager of COREMETRICS. COREMETRICS is recognised as a world leader in online analytics
He shared information on conversion rate benchmarks (sample of $15 Billion in global online sales). 

Traffic Source                        Conversion Rate
Direct Traffic                                6.5%
Marketing                                    4.5%
Organic (Natural)                        4.8%
Referral                                         10%
Average time on site:                 7.5 minutes.
Bounce Rate:                              33%
New visitors                                50%
Repeat                                         50%
New visit conversion rate         5%
Shopping cart abandonment   65%

As a benchmark these figures represent the middle ground. If your website is below (apart from bounce rate and shopping cart abandonment) you need to find out how to improve your conversion rates. 
Kevin said most people only track acquisition and conversion rates and it was important to track what happens during the engagement process to truly understand what is happening on your site.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Registrations now open!

We’re putting the finishing touches on the agenda, but the 2010 eBay PeSA Summit registrations are now open. Earlybird registration for the two day event is only $249 until 31 May, 2010. Register online today>

Friday, April 23, 2010

Apple’s iPhone 4G pre-release scandal!

I am currently in San Francisco and everyone is talking about Apple’s iPhone 4G pre-release scandal .
According to a website reports some Apple execs left the new top secret phone in a bar after a night of partying. The news is all good for iPhone freaks. To get the full story go here
Talking about Apple; I purchased a13” MacBook Pro today at the flagship San Francisco store on Market Street. I was finally convinced by the PPC expert Bjorn Espenesof to make the switch from Microsoft after having the pleasure of spending the weekend with Bjorn, Sondra and his 2 wonderful girls in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Bjorn is a legend in the online space and a great friend.
We went skiing (1st time in 15 years) and mountain bike riding (1st time). Bjorn tried really hard to keep me in the country so I could experience the famed US medical system (by way of injury). I am happy to report that Bjorn was not successful this time.
I was at a party in Melbourne some years back when Apple 1st introduced the iPhone. I got into a bit of an argument with a stock market analyst about how this device would change Apple and its attack on Microsoft. My argument was that it would make people think about Apple and in turn, bosses would start using Apple computers because of the great experience and then start buying them for the workplace. This is a now a reality for the early adopters here in the US. So many of my e-commerce friends in the US have made the switch to Apple.
I know that I am up for 30 days of discomfort, however it is more than worth it. I will also make the transition from outlook to the google gmail system during the process. What a killer laptop!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Save the date PeSa 2010 Australia

Learn, Grow & Succeed is our 4th Australian Summit and is eBay Australia’s annual event. Last year’s two day summit was held in Sydney with over 350 people attending. The line up included speakers from the USA and eBay sellers from Australasia.
This year Melbourne will host the two day intensive conference that will offer your business an opportunity to network and build rapport with the most successful (& next generation) sellers on eBay.


(Ratings of good, very good or excellent. 97 people answered survey)
Quality of speakers
Venue & food
Networking & Meeting other sellers
Relevance/variety exhibitors
Event organisation
Cocktail Party
Value for money

Once again we will have great line up of local and international speakers for this 2 day event.
PeSA delivers highly qualified leads and effectively positions your brand
as a market leader. Join the growing list of satisfied PeSA sponsors, exhibitors and partners past and present.
If you want to get an email for further information please visit and add your email address (in box on the right menu bar).
View our 2 minute video from last years event in Sydney

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Google's Matt Cutts | How to Get Better Visibility on Google

Dubli - a scam or a new way to make money?

I just had a presentation of Dubli by a close friend that has tipped in $3000 into the system. I feel sick for her because I know this is going to end in tears.

Here are just some of the reasons that come to mind:

• Traffic numbers to the site are very low and declining.
• Product offerings are extremely low.
• User experience is confusing.
• No ability to rate the buying experience on the site.
• Returns policy is hidden.
• Dubli online reputation management is glaring.
• The offering is a sick combination of MLM & gambling – it is not ecommerce.

They made claims about signing up 400 or so Australian retailers for the Dubli Shopping Mall. This is not an online shopping mall it is a landing page for an affiliate program. All Dubli has delivered is a deal for links with, which anyone can do.

People there are no free lunches! Let me put this in simple terms:
If something costs $100 and sells for $50 then somebody loses – end of story. I do understand about the points and credits system however think about this – When people lose they leave. This is MLM at its worst.

Run for the hills!

As for the people at the top of the pyramid - you should be locked up!

This type of business muddies the water for legitimate online business.
Bring on the SEC!

If anyone from Dubli would like to debate my findings please feel free to post on this blog.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Leadership Lessons from Dancing Guy

3 Minute Lesson on Leadership

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

eCommerce Summit 2010 Agenda

Tuesday, April 13, 2010 6:00 PM -
Thursday, April 15, 2010 5:00 PM (Mountain Time)

Las Vegas - Flamingo Hotel & Casino
3555 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV 89109

Map & Directions

Speakers include:

Keynote Presentation - Creating, Adapting and thriving in eCommerce.

Paul Greenberg is co-founder and Managing Director of When eBay launched in 1999 Paul became the first commercial seller on eBay trading as Auction Alliance. In 2004 Paul and Michael Rosenbaum launched Australia’s number one online department store, and created their own identity to meet the needs of customers who were looking for fixed price goods. In 2009, DealsDirect celebrated its 5th Birthday and continues to build from strength to strength. With a 430,000 square foot warehouse located in Ingleburn, 120 staff, 900,000 customers, over 1 million unique visitors per month, and four million items sold, is Australia’s leading online department store.

Social Media for Business STINKS: Unless You Know These 7 Secrets with John Lawson.

Every day, thousands of small businesses and entrepreneurs miss out on millions of dollars in revenue simply because they don’t know how to utilize the Internet for marketing and selling. This is NOT your same old ABC stuff, these are actual eCommerce practices for Social Media that will yield bottom line results and amp up your business.

Nate Gilmore - Vice President of Marketing and Business Development - Shipwire -

Nate oversees channel development and developer network, as well as marketing and public relations. Previously, Nate was at Concentric, acquired by XO Communications, where he ran product management, sales and marketing. Over his six year career with Concentric, he developed dozens of new business channels, by initiating new products for small- and mid- size businesses, developing partner programs for those products, and working with web developers and systems integrators to provide ongoing support of those products. Nate has also held various legal positions in intellectual property and business law. He holds a B.A. in History, and a J.D., from Santa Clara University

Tuesday April 13, 2010

Registration Desk Opens - 5:00 PM
Cocktail Reception - 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Location: TBD

Wednesday April 14, 2010

Registration Desk Opens - 8:00 AM
Keynote Presentation - 9:00 AM
Educational Sessions - 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Evening Entertainment - TBD

Thursday April 15, 2010

Keynote Presentation - 9:00 AM
Educational Sessions - 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

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