Sunday, March 21, 2010

Save the date PeSa 2010 Australia

Learn, Grow & Succeed is our 4th Australian Summit and is eBay Australia’s annual event. Last year’s two day summit was held in Sydney with over 350 people attending. The line up included speakers from the USA and eBay sellers from Australasia.
This year Melbourne will host the two day intensive conference that will offer your business an opportunity to network and build rapport with the most successful (& next generation) sellers on eBay.


(Ratings of good, very good or excellent. 97 people answered survey)
Quality of speakers
Venue & food
Networking & Meeting other sellers
Relevance/variety exhibitors
Event organisation
Cocktail Party
Value for money

Once again we will have great line up of local and international speakers for this 2 day event.
PeSA delivers highly qualified leads and effectively positions your brand
as a market leader. Join the growing list of satisfied PeSA sponsors, exhibitors and partners past and present.
If you want to get an email for further information please visit and add your email address (in box on the right menu bar).
View our 2 minute video from last years event in Sydney

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Google's Matt Cutts | How to Get Better Visibility on Google

Dubli - a scam or a new way to make money?

I just had a presentation of Dubli by a close friend that has tipped in $3000 into the system. I feel sick for her because I know this is going to end in tears.

Here are just some of the reasons that come to mind:

• Traffic numbers to the site are very low and declining.
• Product offerings are extremely low.
• User experience is confusing.
• No ability to rate the buying experience on the site.
• Returns policy is hidden.
• Dubli online reputation management is glaring.
• The offering is a sick combination of MLM & gambling – it is not ecommerce.

They made claims about signing up 400 or so Australian retailers for the Dubli Shopping Mall. This is not an online shopping mall it is a landing page for an affiliate program. All Dubli has delivered is a deal for links with, which anyone can do.

People there are no free lunches! Let me put this in simple terms:
If something costs $100 and sells for $50 then somebody loses – end of story. I do understand about the points and credits system however think about this – When people lose they leave. This is MLM at its worst.

Run for the hills!

As for the people at the top of the pyramid - you should be locked up!

This type of business muddies the water for legitimate online business.
Bring on the SEC!

If anyone from Dubli would like to debate my findings please feel free to post on this blog.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Leadership Lessons from Dancing Guy

3 Minute Lesson on Leadership