Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Dubli - a scam or a new way to make money?

I just had a presentation of Dubli by a close friend that has tipped in $3000 into the system. I feel sick for her because I know this is going to end in tears.

Here are just some of the reasons that come to mind:

• Traffic numbers to the site are very low and declining.
• Product offerings are extremely low.
• User experience is confusing.
• No ability to rate the buying experience on the site.
• Returns policy is hidden.
• Dubli online reputation management is glaring.
• The offering is a sick combination of MLM & gambling – it is not ecommerce.

They made claims about signing up 400 or so Australian retailers for the Dubli Shopping Mall. This is not an online shopping mall it is a landing page for an affiliate program. All Dubli has delivered is a deal for links with, which anyone can do.

People there are no free lunches! Let me put this in simple terms:
If something costs $100 and sells for $50 then somebody loses – end of story. I do understand about the points and credits system however think about this – When people lose they leave. This is MLM at its worst.

Run for the hills!

As for the people at the top of the pyramid - you should be locked up!

This type of business muddies the water for legitimate online business.
Bring on the SEC!

If anyone from Dubli would like to debate my findings please feel free to post on this blog.


  1. I nearly got caught with this scam. A "good friend" harrassed me to invest and I declined. He got nasty with me and I haven't heard from him since. He is a high profile Australian and I thought he had more sense - obviously not.
    Wendy Perkins
    South Coast

  2. This is a scam, dig a little deeper and do some research and there is not doubt it is. A reverse auction (nothing new or exciting about this concept, many have tried this and none have ever taken off) as a front to a pyramid/ponzi selling scheme. SCAM Avoid at all costs! or it will cost you $3000. ACCC are already on to it.

    1. OMG! A company that offers a free membership or a membership program like BJ's & Sams (which by the way are part of this) and offers you cash back on your purchases retrievable through Pay Pal. Open your eyes!!! Even DMV offers you a discount when you renew on line instead of the brick and mortar bldg!! Get out of the past!!!

    2. If you believe this to be so great then why are you being "Anonymous"? It is a scam people.

  3. You really need to do your research more closely. Dubli is a new emerging online community which is publicly listed legitimate company with Media Net Technologies. Not a scam. For customers to get bargains on new items and if you want to be a business associate it costs 175.00, the 3000.00 is stock for their Dubli credits online store. A great ecommerce business model.

    1. Its funny how those that are the lobbists for scams go by anonymous. Well I warned my partner not to entertain the idea of investing in this scam after I had checked it out. Unfortunately a so call friend pestered her and pestered her until she finally relented. Her friend even wined and dined us. I still didn't want anything to do with DubLi. The end result my partner invested $600 plus and received nothing, absolutely nothing in return. Yes this is a scam and you can fluff it up all you like and unfortunately there are going to be others out there like my partner that will lose there money. EVERYONE BEWARE.

    2. so what do you think now after you silly post of 3 years ago?

    3. James Broadway. You got it!!! The company has gotten better and better and with almost 5000 stores now, your crazy to not do it!!!! It just makes so much sense!!! This is the perfect business model in the eyes of the people and regulation agencies!!

    4. Dear anonymous. The Dubli shopping mall is a FAIL. Purchases made through the portal that are supposed to appear automatically, do not. Then I've spent hours logging Missing Purchases to have them languish in "processing" for months, only to be declined for Missing codes or other nebulous explanations. It is a FAIL.

  4. Phil Leahy said...

    I have looked as close as one can. It is a MLM ponzi scam. 1 + 1 = 2 not 3. I have sold many items online and I understand the metrics. You post as anonymous. Stand up and be counted if you understand what you are subscribing. It is a crap business model designed to take advantage of people. If you believe that this not the truth - reply with you name. You stick up for Dubli when you don't have the facts?

    1. You are truly uneducated on what a ponzi scheme is. A ponzi scheme or illegal pyramid you must recruit others to make money. With Dubli recruitment of others is 100% optional, you can be a business owner and get customers and make money. Phil you truly do not have the facts and are probably just some failure of a guy who decided that because you were unwilling to work for what you want you would rather bash a very reputable business for your own personal gain.... must of worked your BS blog is at the top of the Dubli keyword.... Bad Business and I hope the people who read this truly understand how cheap you are.

    2. Who are you Paul Walker? You have not read my post from the beginning. I don't do get rich quick stuff. This is who I am
      who the hell are you to call me cheap?

    3. Does anyone know how Dubli compares to Lyoness regarding costs to join and comp plan? Thanks.

  5. I have had a man try to sign me up with Dubli here in Sydney Australia a couple of days ago.

    When someone walks in your office and promises you the world, it tends to raise some eyebrows...

    The man emailed me a document produced to respond to claims about them being a scam.

    This prompted me to do further research for myself and came across this. Thanks for posting this Phil. I have had a close friend of mine sign up as well but to me this is clearly just another pyramid scheme where only a few win and everyone else loses.

    Dubli is set to launch in Australia very soon and I hope to spread the word to expose them.

    Sydney, Australia

  6. Hi Edward,

    Thanks for posting your Dubli experience. I feel sorry for people that get sucked into the promise of the fast buck and angry that some smart people seek to exploit others in this way.

  7. Phil your an idiot. You are a part of the reason the economy is the way it is. To please people like yourself that are not interested in free enterprise. You expect a free lunch from the government and clearly subscribe to the governments scam of slavery. To go and work 9-5 m-f until your 60 and then they will return a small percentage of the 9% of the money lent to them to invest and scam us further all our life. If you really did your research you would find a solid company that offers people no more than a chance to share in its market share. As quoted by you "Let me put this in simple terms:
    If something costs $100 and sells for $50 then somebody loses – end of story." This happens when I buy from coles, myers, david jones, harvey norman or any international retailer. All this large companies employ slave labour to produce there goods and whack on a massive margin? Who loses. The consumer + the poor old work that is the true manufacturer! What DubLi offers is people a way to to use people power to buy items and big name brands at real prices. Plus a real opportunity for people unlike you, that are part of the solution rather than part of the problem. I have been to the corporate head office and seen for myself the integrity based philosophy of the company. After all do you know what is required for a company to remain publicly listed. By the sounds of your limited knowledge on the company and business in general I imagine not. Egg will be on your face in short time and as DubLi emerges as a global phenomenon changing the dynamics of the buying and virtual public forever you will be the monkey left behind living in the past and talking to yourself. Who am I Phil? Someone that is ready for you insecure comments. You are uneducated, insecure and a whinger. But I guess that's why instead of doing something with your life you choose to bring down others. Nice one big guy!

    1. karen stepanoskiApril 1, 2012 at 2:05 PM

      I joined Dubli back in 2009, and yes the people that bought it here hyped it up, i was mixing with top AFL players as they joined too.It cost me $4000 to get in what an idiot i was,i was told not to join Dubli if i wasnt going to join th Eagle Team as we as a collective group would get our customers from America,so i joined that too as it seemed a sure thing.Well it is 2012 the Eagle team have gone as Dubli no longer wanted to suport them,and all the peolpe that hyped it up including the AFL players are gone too,i am lost for words as at the begining it looked a good investment,but i guess these peolple pray on the weak who are willing to try and get a head as i am married with seven children and just wanted to set a future up for them.and to the Anonymous you are most likly at the top and reaping the money from the stupid ones like me under you.

    2. Hey Dickhead. You still think Dubli is a top Idea??? How much money did you lose in the end?? Come on you can tell us.

    3. Hi Anonymous.... So brave you calling me a Dickhead. I feel sorry for you. Have a nice day. :-)

    4. So how is Dubli doing for you?

    5. I'm sick of the Dublidiot named anonymous and his inability to spell simple words like 'you're' and 'their'. This is typical of the uneducated buffoons they find to join obvious scams like Dubli. These people aren't educated and try to make up for their failures in life by signing up to every get rich quick scheme that comes along. Absolute morons all of them.

    6. I too have lost £4,000 GBP to Dubli with all the promises, i went in as a TLA 2K then $99 each month for a year, then i paid for Ads and Solo ads promote promote, to NO AVAIL, spent weeks making videos for a rotator i never got a thing from, Keep away and if you hear of compensation, im looking for it
      I will give myself a user name MUGGEDBYDUBLI

  8. I feel sorry for you Anonymous. Why don't you post your name if you are serious. Egg on my face? Ok let's wait and see what happens with this so called phenomenon.

    1. I didn't post my name when I did mine because my name is my email account name and I don't want to get bombarded with a whole bunch of emails from people living in the past not open to the changes the world is embracing

  9. BTW This phenomenon is down -47.70% for unique visitors over the past 12 months (according to

    Please mate, instead of unfounded personal attacks do the research.

    This Post on Dubli is aimed to help people like yourself.

  10. I would like to know how you are getting the number for unique visitors on Dubli ?
    If you were to take into account all the BA,s with their online stores i think that u would find a complete different answer.
    What makes you such an expert on Dubli except for a little research that anybody can do and then put their feeble minded opinions across to people who might have done something worth while.
    Yes i agree this business is not for everyone and i dont agree with your B.S about a quick rich scheme?
    Who ever told you that is wrong, this is a real business with real business expenses and you require dedication, guts and responsiblity to the people that you involve in it.
    Obviously you dont have those qualities other wise you would have seen this for what it is!! Dubli will be a house hold name in a couple of years without a doubt. The systems that are being put in place will not be matched by any other competitor.
    OH by the way something i forgot to add if Dubli is such a flop why would AMAZON the biggest online shopping site be advertising and selling it own products?

    As for the pyramid scheme you are talking about:
    Where the Hell did you get your information about, lets just take this a little bit further"does a pyramid scheme reward someone who is sponsored by a higher individual to leap frog them NO!!, does a pyramid scheme stop all payments from sponsor if the individual who was sponsored reaches the same level NO!!.
    Why has Dubli done this?
    Answer it does this for one reason only to keep people contributing to the growth of their business, if they stop working they stop earning the bonuses, does this sound familiar.(maybe if you own or had owned a business you would understand this concept)
    A pyramid scheme does not allow anybody below them make more money.
    HMMM maybe the are not as short sighted as your individual feeble minded thought processes.

    P.S why dont you give me a buzz and maybe i will fill in the blanks you left out of your blog or go and peruse my site
    I look forward to hearing from you


  11. I did take Gerald up on his offer to call him and we had a civil debate about the merits of Dubli. I found Gerald to be a decent person and we agreed to disagree. Gerald made the admission that there was a gambling component to Dubli.

    I called Gerald while I was attending the Online Retailer conference in Sydney and one of the key note speakers shared the numbers of these so-called “gaming sites”. The numbers tell the same story. There is little difference between poker machines and this type of model. If you are pushing this business model you can make money. If you are a user you are doomed to lose.

  12. Hi Phil,

    I am involved in Dubli and have been for about a year. I like the business for the fact it is registered in Australia with ASIC and on the US Stock exchange.
    I agree that the unique bid is addictive and people see it as gambling. No one made them pay to bid either. Have you seen the shopping mall or Heard of Dubli Entertainment? Obviously not.
    I do not or will not hold it against anyone that does not like the website in its current form. It is all changing and will change the way the world shops online.
    The bidding side is only a really small proportion of what the company will be.

    It is the same with anything, if you believe it will work it will. If you think its a scam dont get involved. Its that simple.

    The fact such global companies are involved directly with Dubli (nintendo, apple, vodafone, qantas etc) verifies its validity to me.

    Thanks Phil


  13. Hi Matt,

    No one made people to put money in Poker machines either. Does that make it right?

    Again The shopping mall is not a mall it is an affiliates page - a Big difference.

    These type of sites will be eventually put out of business via legislation. They are already on the radar.

    "The fact such global companies are involved directly with Dubli (nintendo, apple, vodafone, qantas etc". Dubli is a customer - end of story.

    Claims that Dubli will dominate online shopping are false.

    Again: 1+1 =2 not 3

    Please conduct some research on the company founders not just the hyped up success stories of the few.

    Again, as a pusher of this product I am sure that you can make money, however the majority of users lose.

    Thanks for posting your comments on my Blog

  14. Thanks Phil,
    I was exposed to the video about a year ago and not interested in any business that is MLM. And I dont know many educated or successful business people that do get involved.
    One of my friends decided to quite her banking job and get into the Tupperware party business- that was distasteful enough. All her friends had to come and we all had to buy very expensive stuff to be supportive friends.
    All these type of schemes rely on human emotion ie; fear of not fitting in, not supporting friends or relatives, being rejected by friends or family for not supporting MLM.
    Its quite a manipulative, emotionally passive/aggressive way to make a living and debases human relationships.
    I would like further info about Dubli and ASIC for my own curiousity if anyone can find it. I'm also off to do some analysis on traffic to their site Phil. Will report back. Thanks for the post, I just got pitched to again by a business associate who told me that he was interested in my business services, initially, but then just emailed me with the US Dubli video.
    So annoying.....

  15. I find it very sad that people are put off legitimate, legally run, MLM companies by these kinds of arguments. Look at Phil's list in the positive and there are several MLM companies with integrity in Australia that meet his criteria. We are with one of them and would put them up to scrutiny. People do actually make money and have cars that the company supplied. It's not just talked about, I know most of the people personally and anyone can talk to them.

    Perhaps Phil, you could put up a list of what to look for in a good MLM company so that people can compare? There is a list and the company we are with meets all criteria. They have been ethically ridding homes of controversial ingredients in products for more than 20 years. At first they were ridiculed, now they are being copied! That's great news for people and the environment.

    Kind regards
    Jenni Wright

  16. Hi Phil,

    I almost signed up to Dubli at he suggestion of some friends but it just didn't sit right with me. I believe it to be a scam and I do not think that it will "take off" and "be the next ebay" as its web site and propaganda touts. I do wonder however if you can explain how it could be trading on the stock market? I understand that companies who do must go through rigarous testing to ensure they are legitimate before they do. Any information would be helpful



  17. Hi Phil,

    Dubli is sadly nothing more than a nasty MLM scam.

    I'm embarassed to say that I was sucked in to it on the premise that it looked (on the surface) to be an exciting new online marketing model. I foolishly believed that it had a sustainable potential to gain legitimate customers, and as a result I signed on as a BA to sell them (my customers) credits to use for bidding.

    I tried very hard to secure some genuine customers, even participating (paid extra to participate) in some marketing co-ops (radio, TV etc) designed to secure customers. Sadly, after investing hundreds extra in these co-ops the few customers I did secure were just tyre kickers, and certainly aren't buying credits.

    Once signed up, the recurring theme is "build your Dubli business" by recruiting new BAs - not by establishing a legitimate customer base. This methodology is not sustainable, and the way in which I was encouraged to recruit BA's was at best unethical, and at worst, maybe illegal.

    As a result, I did not actively try to recruit any BAs, as I was not prepared to bring myself to offering people empty promises and filling them with false hope until I had seen that Dubli was actually working. I did try to get some legitimate customers, which just didn't work out.

    Dubli's selling, but who's buying (no-one!).

    About the only people really buying on Dubli's website are those BA's who have found out what Dubli's really about and are trying to eat their own dog food (use their Dubli credits up before it's too late) to try and get at least some of their money back. Sadly, one of my friends did sign up under me. I didn't encourage him to do so, but told him everything I knew about it. He thought (as I did) that it showed genuine potential, but of course has also come to realise the truth now. I'm genuinely remorseful that he signed up under me. Whilst I didn't encourage him to, I should have told him to wait to see how it worked out for me.

    Overall, I wasted around $5000 on Dubli, and by bidding some auctions down to nothing (easy, 'cause nobody else is bidding on them) I was able to get at least some of my money back by buying some items for the cost of shipping (plus the credits expended bringing the price down to zero).

    The sad thing is, even now that the people at the top of the pyramid know exactly how (badly) Dubli is going, they still try and fill people with "the next eBay and Amazon" crappy sales pitches at their sleazy webinars and seminars.

    Talk about slimy worms!

    The truth of the matter is that those people ARE making lots of money from Dubli (one even showed me his account history)!!!

    The sad thing is that they're only making money from commissions on signing up BAs and no money from real customers.

    As soon as they've milked Dubli for all it's worth, they'll drop it, take their money, and move on to the next scam.


    1. karen stepanoskiApril 1, 2012 at 2:15 PM

      i too did the sam as you they prey on the weak

  18. Hi April,

    It isn't that difficult to be a public company even if your business process is questionable. It takes time for these things to play out (especially in this new frontier of online) . I predict that in time, it will become evident that they will prove worthy of legislation.


  19. I used to be sceptical of Dubli however recently on their site I bought a Sony tv that retails for over $800 for just $700 delivered...nothing dodgy about this if you ask me!

  20. Congratulations you won - someone else was a loser...

    1. Phil what do you know about a company called Zija. I would like to know your thoughts. I have found this company unique and comp plan different to most binaries. Thoughts. Contact me at

  21. This is true - Dubli is real in the respect that they do offer real products, and if you're lucky you can save a little.

    Chances are though that you're not going to save a lot - it is a gamble... you never know what the price is until you commit the value of your credit to see it. Each time you do that it costs you money.

    If it's cheap enough, you buy it - if not you wait in the hope that other people will bid it down for you, and hope someone else doesn't snap it up first - walking away with the value of your expended credits. Remember, if you have a "win" on Dubli, lots of other people have lost because they expended credits to get the price down. When people lose, they become unhappy, and unhappy shoppers don't come back. I can tell you from first hand experience this is what's happening with Dubli.

    Dubli simply hasn't worked - it has jumped the shark in a big way... if you look at how long some of the items have been sitting there in limbo you'll see how little attention it's getting from the public.

    Mostly, the only people bidding are Dubli "Business Associates" doing a demo to their "Prospects", or BA's who have had enough and are at least trying to get some of their money back by bidding some items down to nothing so they can "win" it for the cost of shipping (and all the credits they expended bidding it down).

  22. Hi phil,
    i am interested in the operations of DubLi as a company as i have a work colleague currently insisting that i should invest in a gold package. From what i have learnt so far, DubLi seems like a house of cards not too far off toppling down on itself. I understand that people can currently make money from the site, but i also understand that for people to be making money on their investment in a gold or whatever package down the line someone (more likely Many people) will lose most if not all of their hefty investment. Like most Ponzi schemes, the early investors will get their promised return, but when it all comes down there are always losers. It feels very predatory in its nature as far as the way that BA's are expected to promise the world to their prospective down-line investors, and i can only hope that the vast majority of BA's like this do NOT know the FACT that this WILL all come to a messy end sooner or later. Because it would be quite evil to intentionally and knowingly lead the rats out of the town and over the cliff to their financial deaths.

  23. The only return you'll get is from comission on signing up new BA's... and if that's the only way to earn money from the scam you have to ask some serious questions about it's ethics.

    You're right that it is evil to knowingly suck people into this when you're fully aware that Dubli is over before it began... sadly so many at the top of the pyramid are still going full steam ahead with their webinars and sleazy seminars sucking in the naive (like me).

    Run away very quickly.

    Dubli is an mlm scam of the very worst kind.

  24. Hi
    I recently purchased a package with Dubli.I did some research into the company as I didnt want to be involved in any scam. So far, in my experience I havent heard anyone in Dubli pushing to just sign up BAs. The training I have heard is all about finding customers and they have been pretty transparent about uptake being slower than expected. Im open to finding out any more information though that is based on actual facts rather than emotional rhetoric. Its important to know if a company is ethical and whether there are any issues. As per the comment above, I would also like to know for my own peace of mind what ASIC are investigating specifically, if they are investigating and how you found out this information? If you have this information it would be great if you would share this. If you do have some specific facts, and some information about the management, it would be great to see what the facts are so that people can make informed decisions that are not based on emotions but on clear facts. So please share what you know if you are aware of any investigations. It would be a big help to know how to find out information on the SEC and through ASIC about the company if you can point me in the right direction.

    1. You had your chance before you signed up. Why ask people here to tell you the obvious. You deserve the title of another Dublidiot. Please have that tattooed on your forehead so family and friends can now avoid you! Moron!

  25. Hi
    Re: emotional rhetoric.
    I do not peddle such. It is up to you to do the research. I can only offer my perceptive as someone that has been trading online for close to 10 years. My resume speaks for itself. I constantly attend ecommerce conferences here and the USA. I have a basic understanding of economics and applied these basic principles, and my knowledge of the space, which has been explained above. AGAIN 1 + 1 = 2 NOT 3.
    Thanks for posting on my blog and please remember about the fact that this online model is gambling based, and will attract the eyes and ears of legislators here and abroad.

  26. Total scam... believe it.

  27. In my view DubLi is a Scam.
    Now that the Auctions have been running for a while and you can see exactly what is happening on all 4 Auction sites it has become very obvious that Customers are not preoared to pay $3.20, the cost of 4 DubLi Credits, to lower the Cost of an item $1.

    It is now vey obvious that DubLi lied about there being 85 Customers for each DubLi Business Associate in Europe and the fact that they had 2.3million new customers in 8 months in 2008. There is clearly no evidence of this on the list of completed Auctions.

    About 95% of US BAs did not renew last year.

    BAs have to purchase DubLi Credits which they can’t sell.

    As BAs we were lied to on numerous occasions. We were told that customers would use our credits to purchase entertainment …WRONG.

    We were told you could EARN INCOME by purchasing cash cards at a discount. The presentation at is incredibly bad but shows clearly what lengths the leaders of Dubli will go to in an effort to con people. It is stupid to say that you can EARN INCOME when customers have to spend $3.20 to Save $1. More like a formula for losing money.

    Whatever you do, don’t become a BA. Chances are you will not be able to sell your Credits.

  28. Hi, I have heard that Dubli is expanding it India and all those who signed up will make big dollar. Has anyone else heard this story.

  29. I attended a DubLi seminar and my sticking points are:

    If it looks too good to be true, it usually is.
    It is such a complicated and counter-intuitive system, will enough people really be bothered?
    All the rhetoric was about getting more BAs - the issue that sooner or later there have to be customers was glossed over.
    What's to stop respected and well-established sites such as eBay and Amazon promoting reverse auctions if they are such a good idea?

  30. Customers are not coming in. BAs can not get rid of Credits. 90-95% will probably not renew, same as happened last year in the US.

    Customers can see that it makes no sense to spend on average $3.20 (the cost of 4 Dubli Credits )to lower the cost of an item $1.00.

    BAs make money by enrolling other BAs.

    The following link is woth looking at as it tells exactly what is happening.....

  31. This Dubli has just started in Denmark and I just attended a webseminar, and I am surprised that it is allowed and that it is legitimate.

    Here the shop part hasn't opened yet, only music and auctions and I don't see how you can make a business without customers. It was very much about recruting new BA's not so much getting people to buy. And if that is the case then it is a scam, because you are handing over money for nothing, and can't expect to earn anything yourself.

  32. Historically, all big companies go through their growing pains. Even Amazon, Google, Facebook and Ebay. All big ideas have opposition at first, but they are usually the ones that change the way things are done in the world. I noticed that the author of this blog Phil Leahy, has his own shopping site, so of course he is not going to have anything good to say about another shopping site that is in my opinion 10 times better than his. Anyways, let's see if this comment even stays up here long enough for him to have a feedback about what I have to say.

    1. You my friend stuck on stupid and have no idea what are you talking about. Amazon, Ebay, Google or Facebook can't be compared to this Dubli Crap. All of those who believe Dubli is good and legit should be able to list several people who are actually making money from members signed up under them. I keep asking and nobody seems to make anything.

  33. You don't get it do you? Please read and try to understand... It is laughable you hold up brands such as Ebay & Amazon next to Dubli. Don't worry I will leave up your post Anonymous, just because Dubli are 10 times better. You should read about Zeek Rewards that is very similar to Dubli:

  34. Hi Phil,

    Everything you say is correct. I joined DubLi in 2009 and signed quite a few BA's, bought some items (notice I did not say won!) and then joined a team in India. I am out of credits, I am out of BA's and have lost some friends. Whatever they said about residual income - I soaked up and I did have it for approx 12 months, but now...everything is gone.

    The people that bought me on are now onto their next "big thing."

    I did not lose on DubLi as I did work very hard - but others in my team lost upwards of $2000. I am so sorry for being so stupid!

    DON'T DO THIS PEOPLE. I feel like someone who was in a cult and I have now seen the light!

  35. i joined Dubli in its early stages in australia and i lost approx 900 dollars its a scam if you supporter think its not give me back my money.

  36. DEAR ALL,
    I have bought shares in Dubli Inc which I very much regret now.
    They have sent an old fashioned hard copy certificate. I have tried to sell my shares trough my broker. I have been advised that can't trade them in this form, the shares have to be electronic (dematerialisation. I have tried to deal with this but a letter came back from the stock authorities that DUBLI hasn't done it's SEC filings (whatever this word means). NOBODY CAN TRADE WITH THEIR SHARES< THE MONEY SIMPLY HAS BEEN STOLEN form the people.

    1. Hello, please i need to know if you can to sell your shares. Im waiting for the certificate too and now im worry, thanks

  37. Dubli is bullsh**. I joined the company in 2009 in the USA. I tried to build up the business but quickly realize that it was fake and you would only make money by bringing in other suckers. Through good ol word of mouth, phone calls, email, and presentations, customers didn't last very long. New BA's turned sour because they also started to see through the hype. Products in the auctions were lackluster and the shopping portal was dismal. Percentages received for going through the shopping portal half dropped significantly that it was't even worth the hassle to pick up another 25 cent credit with Dubli. Unique bid gambling was a farce. Even the other bidding system for the world wide auction was nothing but crap.
    I ended using the rest of credits to buy a few ipods and cash out since I could only give away credits and have many contacts that didn't even redeem them. I just went through past emails and reclaimed the codes myself after months of inactivity.
    Then Dubli turned into a membership site and I'm sure the numbers have dropped significantly. They have to keep going to other countries to find more suckers.

    It's 2013, and you know what, I have yet to run into one "normal" person that shops on the internet that has so much as heard of Anybody turn into the super vice president and get their bad ass house in the caymans? I bet that place doesn't even exist anymore and was just concept idea or it's bankrupt.

    Dubli under delivered and is probably similar to wasting your money on Scientology audit classes. Then you find out that after you spent $50,000 that the main secret is a BS alien named Xenu. blowing up souls in volcanoes. Tough to swallow and so was Dubli.

    Anonymous should just DDOS the site into oblivion.

    The last comment person mentioned the stock. Bummer about your penny stock not being able to trade. After all, penny stocks are garbage.

  38. Yes Dubli is Nothing but Fraud as Mr. Jim Pare who claims about Dubli Profitable Business. Is unable to Answer my simple Questions . All Persons should think not only Twice but Thrice weather to JOIN IN OR NOT ?

  39. Countless people have purchase thousands of dollars of credits to use in the auctions, now the auctions have disapeared along with all the credits and the money people paid for them.

  40. Dubli is a scam, I was a BA and I lost over $4000 in credits and commissions. I've been an idiot, working too hard, stressed and not thinking straight.....easy target for con artists, using so-called friends, to sell me the dream of escape.

    DO NOT GET SUCKED IN BY DUBLI....if by speaking out, I can stop others from being conned, I feel like something good has come out of it.

    Is there nothing we can do in Australia to get some justice as well as stop Dubli permanently from conning other people ???

  41. I am curious...Apparently there is a company called Myzani that has been gathering affiliates I the US and is based out of Oregon...Monday is supposed to be their "big launch" day where they will offer the site free for 30 days and after that you must pay $30 a month to access it...I have a friend who had signed up as an affiliate and allowed me to look at the site...After perusing it I noticed that when you click on certain things that are offered (free music, etc...) it takes you to a Dubli portal...Some worked some did not offer much...Some were strictly Myzani social pages (like FB layouts)...Discounts were offered etc...Does anyone know anything about this?? The person in charge of Myzani professes to be a Christian who wants other Christians to make big profits by signing up early as affiliates and building a team under them...This is in WA, ID, OR and one other state up in the northern section of the US....ANY info would be greatly appreciated!!!

  42. Keith R
    There's my Name...
    Located in AZ...
    I to bought off on this Marketing principal...
    I to was taken of my credits that would equal approx $1600 us dollars in Mar 2013...
    I can live with that a point...
    What i didn't appreciate was the the new policys every time you turned around and the monthly fees to participate on what i originally signed up for...
    If there are any folks seeking legal means against this CO.
    please post...

  43. Run for the hills indeed.

    I am too embarrassed to show my name, but I send this as a warning to others that are looking to ‘invest' in this so called opportunity.

    Don't believe a word of the 'hype', and when you are receiving the pitch, ask to see actual data. You will find there is a huge difference between what is actually happening now, and what the company are aiming for. Aspirational focus is great if the company is starting up. If they have a track record of poor customer service, deplorable information management mechanisms, and unfulfilled promises, then this is where such sites as Phil’s here are invaluable. Operate on known facts. Seek tangible data, not aspirations. I didn’t. I urge you to.

    Aspirational sales pitches hook most of us in. Phrases such as ‘are you an Early Adopter, or are you going to be with the rest of the world and be part of the late majority’ automatically trigger someone to think; why yes, I consider myself to be an early adopter. Then bang, you are hooked, plugging in your details, filled with expectation, and then whammo, you realise you have been scammed once you start.

    My personal story. I was brought into the game by someone that I trusted as a Business Associate, and it sounded too good to be true. I knew right from the outset that my skills as a smooth talking "sell the sizzle not the steak" were not where I was at from an integrity point of view. To look to recover my initial investment, I decided to place some money ($3,500) into the highly pumped and glossily attractive ‘infomercial’ co-operative. Needless to say, eighteen months later, and the total return on investment is $60. This infomercial campaign was to attract customers in, upsell them to become subscribing customers, and then allocate them to the account of the investor who placed finance into the campaign. An unmitigated failure, just like DubLi, and they continue to gloss over the important pieces of ‘how, why and when’, and continue to patch over the existing model with new ‘game changing’ capabilities.

    The infomercial concept is now called the marketing package. For prospective Business Associates out there looking to do as I did to recover their investment and hope for a residual income, I would highly recommend not buying into this ‘marketing package’. Instead, ask the referring upline to show you their results from Infomercials 1, 2, and 3. I have been allocated close to 350 free customers over the past 6 months (remember that this investment was made 18 months ago – they took their sweet time to commence allocating customers), all of whom have returned collectively just over $60. Not one of these customers has returned a second purchase, and not one of these customers has decided that DubLi is a great website, and has been convinced to become a paying subscriber. Not one. Period. Draw your own conclusions, but that is compelling data.

    What does this tell you? The website is untrustworthy. The offering is tainted. The forums containing comments of disgruntled customers and ex Business Associates have legitimate grievances. The next game changer? Give me a break. Shabby and embarrassing more like it.

    There be dragons out there. Heed this advice and think twice about entering this ‘too good to be true’ venture.

    PS – The upside is that I have learnt a highly valuable life lesson that has only cost me less than ten grand, and I still have my friends and family who still talk to me.

    1. Thank you for this post. I was given the presentation and got very excited about it. Wouldn't I want to help people save and/or make money? Well, no, not if the company has a bad track record. I can only enter into ventures that stand with high integrity.

    2. Hi Phil and anyone looking at this blog...

      Here is an update on the allocation of customers I referred to a number of months ago. The data is as follows:
      * The allocation of customers is now up to 679 free customers.
      * The total return on the outlay of funds (I refuse to call this an 'investment') still stands at $61.42.
      * Not one of these allocated 'customers' (I am seriously doubting if these customer accounts are actually linked to real people) has decided to upgrade their free accounts to become a paying subscribing customer.

      Underwhelming to say the least, and completely expected.

      Anyone still being pulsed by zealot DubLi Business Associates to buy-in to this 'soon to be the next Google, eBay etc.' hopefully reads this blog and makes an informed decision.

      Good luck out there everyone.

  44. has dubli changed in the last year?

    all the reviews are about the reverse auction side. has dubli changed to the online shopping thing?

  45. Mike Beyrodt the company has changed a lot. Im not here to say either way but check out everything before you make a decision for yourself. I seen this and other blogs about DUBLI.COM DUBLINETWORK.COM and if i let someone else make decisions for me i would be broke ive seen with my eyes people that are doing well and get money every month. If I looked at most of these sites and yes dubli was some kind of crazy site. But now its just like having a sam's club card but to over 2000 or so stores,and instead of bulk you get cash back, i dont know how many just seen that number. All im saying most of the people here probably have family getting money that other people like myself and hard working people pay for because they are lazy and want free money and dont want to work for it!!! i dont know about before how it was i didnt see it and i believe that some people lost money, i feel bad for them but from what i hear i wouldn't have even got involved in it. just look for yourself

    1. Anonymous -- If you "don't know about before", as you say, then how can you honestly know if Dubli has changed?

  46. If you want a real and honest way to make a buck then go on eBay.

  47. Hi Anonymous,

    Why do you post as Anonymous? The fact is Dubli is gambling and "Get rich quick"site. If they have all of a sudden "Changed for the better" why would anybody trust them? There are plenty of ways to make a buck online from companies that do the right thing and have a transparent model. I have had too many friends get burnt by them to all of sudden "trust them". Reveal your identity if you are going to post on my blog again.

  48. Phil,

    Thanks for the great dialogue in helping people understand that this is an MLM pyramid where people will get hurt financially eventually. I've had several friends/networkers approach me on joining Dubli the past two years. Today I gave a closer friend of mine the time to explain some things in detail about Dubli and how he wants to jump in and do this as a way to make commissions and long-term residuals online. Although this may appear to be a legit way to earn income online I disagree. I've been burned before on MLM biz models. :/ From what I can see on their current site...and referral program - it becomes a recruiting 'game' to get people to sign up as VIP's for $99 annually to make $20. There is no real value for the end user's investment other than small discounts on buying through the affiliate links listed which is unlikely to recoup your $99 in 'savings' to even break even on the investment. My advice is turn and walk away -this is not a wise business investment of time or money...don't get caught up in the flashy website or idea of conquering the world with this to make a boatload of money. Phil is right on with 1+1 = 2, not 3! According to the original post it appears that Dubli was once a bidding site in 2010 like (Zeek rewards) which was recently shut down by government...That's a big red flag in my mind...MLM's typically hurt the 80%ers...

  49. Christopher & Phil...
    Keith R again...
    When i signed up for Dubli when it started it was a site to bid on items and had some shopping...
    You bought "credits" and did have the opportunity to recruit individuals, Long story Short.You could buy credits from .60c to .80c and bid on items by using your credits...
    The best package was spending approx $3600 for 6000 credits
    you would then bid on a items similar to Quibids...
    The first year Got some great items...
    Little by Little you had to pay a monthly fee to access the bid site and then one day it was gone...
    I and thousands of others were sitting on credits that Dubli cashed in on and gave no monies back for the credits...

    That was the big scam...

  50. a so called 'friend' trying to help me find a job because of my no income situation actually told me doubt DUBLI. I cannot believe it! He saw my pitiful situation and still tried to get me into this scam. What is happening to the human species?? :-( Thanks everyone for writing this info before I spent my rare $99 to become a 'VIP'. Guess what - where I come from the word 'DUBLI' means 'IDIOT'. Go figure!

  51. I just went to Dubli weekend advanced training for $99...
    They ONLY talked about recruiting other people.. NOTHING
    about saving money or getting Cash back... The BIG turn off,
    was the first night at a 4 Star Hotel for the Open House..

    They said they were Millionaires... But, they didn't have Water
    or Coffee the first night.. On Saturday morning at 9am.. they
    had water and NO Coffee.... How cheap could they be..
    The Hotel had excellent Amenities... But, Dubli only paid
    for use of the room...Nothing else... At the advanced training.

    Everyone left for lunch to purchase fast food.... again, Dubli
    could not even buy a $5 Subway sandwich.. There is NO
    money in Dubli... If you pay $2,495 to be a Team Leader
    YOU ARE The PRODUCT of Dubli... Now Go Recruit another Fool

  52. Dubli has changed and is growing like crazy because of it. There is NO reversed auction that is gone. It now offers cash back on purchases from stores everyone shops at every day. Plus cash back on flights and car rentals plus hotels. They also offer free cloud storage and a massive music library etc. they offer free memberships where it costs customers nothing to join and they get cash back or you can pay 60 bucks or 100 bucks a year to save even more.

    They have some pretty big names running the company now including the number two guy from Microsoft.

    I suggest you give them another look. They have really changed. I looked at them before and ran. Now I'm taken a second look.

  53. Dear Greg, I was told by Dubli pushers that it was to be bigger than eBay within a year. that was 4 years ago. Too little too late. Dubli smells

    1. Hello Phil, have you looked at it recently, I was told they just changed to this model. if you have what is wrong with it besides their past which i would agree should bring up some trust issues.

  54. What a distributor says and what a company says are two different things. Personally I have seen stupid claims made by many distributors ( Pushers ) from every company out there in direct sales mlm affiliate marketing and traditional businesses sales reps.

    I personally think companies should take harsher actions against reps who make stupid or false claims. Case in point a company called Nurium AD is in hot water because a rep posted before and after pictures of some famous actor saying the results were from the product. The actor has never used or even previously heard of the company.

    Problem is tracking it all down with thousands or tens of thousands in some cases of company distributors makes it a tough go. But when found they should be dealt with strongly.

    I've not joined Dubli as a distributor yet. I have joined as a free customer. For the cash back for my grocery shopping and cell phone bill and general department stores etc. booked a flight from expedia for the cash back too.

    I'll be a free customer and then decide if I want to market it. But for now I'm still looking for a company to join so anyone here involved in direct sales or networking fire me off your links and I would be happy to take a look.

    Thanks Phil.



    1. Greg,

      I live in Seattle, WA & would be happy to talk to you. I have had great success online & I am apart of a few networking companies.

      If anything, perhaps I can at least give you some ideas to help you find what you are looking for.

      kind regards,

      -Rob Harris

    2. I would be happy to answer any questions as well. Feel free to email me at


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  56. Greg, just read the comments above. I will add. "Their are no free lunches in this world". Take it from someone that has been around the block. My LinkedIn:

  57. Also on a side note saying a company smells because of what a rep or in your words a PUSHER does or says in unfair. You're a big eBay seller aka Pusher you flog your products or services there. And you are or seem to me to be a decent and upstanding guy and are in good standing with eBay. Others who sell on eBay are scum bags and rip people off. Does that mean eBay "Smells" of course not those people stink not the company.

    Something I just found out about Dubli is they have a partner program for non profits and charities. They now can white label the site for any non profit with that charities logos etc. those organization can then use it for fund raising by having their customers or contributors purchase their normal every day items off the site. Which I think is pretty cool.

    I'm still not in but I'm getting closer.

    Take care


    1. Greg,

      I agree. I do not know of any other companies out there that offer non-profits a white label solution for free. Yes, this is truly free, and the non-profit gets paid based on how their DubLi customers get paid. I am glad to see you are doing your due diligence. I agree that you should NOT do anything until YOU are ready.


  58. I have not sold on eBay for 6 years mate. Greg, 1+1 = 2 not 3. There is no magic formula - only facts. If you refuse to listen to others that have posted here, then good luck. Go find out the hard way as I am sure you will.

  59. I don't recall saying that I was looking for a free lunch. I said I was looking for a networking/direct sales type company. Your canned response "1+1 = 2 not 3" is getting a bit old since 2010 you haven't evolved it at all ?

    Did you stop selling on eBay because it smells ? I think eBay's Alexia rating is around 30 world wide what does smell and has tons of red flags to me is something called " DS Domination" which is a affiliate program teaching people how to sell on eBay. You should do a blog on that also. Come to think of it you should do one on a company called " Lyoness " it is similar to Dubli

    Take care


  60. I just went to a seminar in December 2013.... They held
    meetings in two different Hotels. The first Introductory,
    there was NO water served... Because Dubli did NOT
    pay for any Water... The second two day meeting. That
    is all they had was a few bottles of water.

    They would have impressed me more if they offered
    discount Tablets for sale... and had everyone follow
    along tablets. I was not impressed with their high talk,
    but lack of technology usage... If they are truly making
    Millions.. They would purchase computer tablets in bulk.
    The distributors would benefit and be able to sell to others
    at a discount also.. The Money in Dubli is based on recruiting
    others at the bottom... To pay those at the top... MLM

    But, they talked about making millions.. Everyone sprung
    for their own lunch and snacks... I have been to many
    Hotel conferences... That really says a lot about Dubli
    by what they show at the first meeting. There was NOT
    much high tech either.. Why would Any group still be
    selling CD's... When most new computers no longer
    use CD's.. Why couldn't they sell the info on USB drives,
    or have the data downloaded from online.

  61. This is me Greg, this is what I do: &
    Who are you to say I have not evolved when you think Dubli is a great business model even after ripping off countless thousands of people.

  62. We'll I didn't mean you personally have not evolved I meant your responses. I didn't say Dubli is great I'm using the free cash back and cloud storage and music download etc as a customer only . I have not and may not become a distributor.

    Network marketing in my view however is a great business model. The industry as a whole globally did close to 140 Billion in sales of products and services that's every company world wide not one particular company.

    1. Hey, Greg! I was considering Dubli as well but a post on MLM Watchdog raised red flags for me and then I found this post. Anyway, I am also involved in Isagenix which is a very reputable company and has phenomenal products. Visit my site to learn more about their excellent compensation model. I'd love to have you on my team.

  63. I have been trying to gather information on Dubli and this is the only thing out there? I find it bizarre and almost disturbing in this world of technology and instant reviews that there is virtually NOTHING out there on Dubli. Where are the satified/dis-satisfied consumer anxious to share their experience???

    1. I personally think that when most people get frustrated with the company and their own personal experience, they look to completely wash their hands of it. Move on, don't look back, and write it up as a life lesson. I still check Phil's blog from time to time to stay abreast of how this is progressing for others, and if I feel inclined, I reiterate that this is a bad egg. Period.

      Heed the advice of disgruntled ex-Business Associates over the last few years on this site. Also note with interest that DubLi does not have a customer call centre to field requests for information or assistance. That should give you an indication that the company are not fully prepared to act in the best faith for all customers or interested parties.

      The company has chased many different avenues of quick bucks, used a despicable pyramid model to attract 'investment', and have changed the rules many times. Inconsistency in service provision or service offerings, yet consistency with poor management of existing customers/business owners are the cornerstone of this model.

      Treat with extreme caution, and always ask to 'see the steak' when someone is showing you the 'sizzle'. Operate on known facts, and not the unicorns shooting rainbows out of their eyes aspirations of being bigger than Ebay etc.


  64. This comment has been removed by the author.

  65. Its because this blog ranks on google for the term, Dubli and you should take note of what people post on this place.

  66. Dubli's stock listing appears to be in jeopardy:

    Item 8.01 Other Events.
    On April 26, 2014, the Company received a letter dated April 15, 2014 (the "Letter") from the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (the "SEC") stating that the Company appears not to be in compliance with its reporting requirements under Section 13(a) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended (the "Exchange Act"). The Letter stated that the Company may be subject, without further notice, to an administrative proceeding pursuant to Section 12(j) of the Exchange Act to revoke its registration under the Exchange Act if all required reports are not filed within fifteen days of the date of the Letter. Because the letter was not received by the Company until April 26, 2014, the staff has granted the Company until May 12, 2014 to file its required reports. The Letter also stated that the Company's stock may be subject to a trading suspension by the SEC pursuant to Section 12(k) of the Exchange Act. The Company is in the process of preparing to draft all of its required reports in order to comply with its reporting requirements under Section 13(a) of the Exchange Act; however, the Company does not presently expect to be current in such filings by May 12, 2014. The Company will initiate communications with the SEC staff in an attempt to avoid the revocation of registration pursuant to
    Section 12(j) of the Exchange Act, although there can be no assurances that such registration will be maintained.

  67. Hi thanks for all he info Phil.
    I was burned badly by dubli I only wish I had stumbled across this earlier. They promised all sorts of things from new products to - games/movies and music streaming to compete with the likes of the most respected blue chip companies. My credits were also taken away circa $1000 aud as I did not move them when they changed the bases and continued on as a marketplace only
    Its just a big pyramid scam to get ba's in - no substance at all. I was blinded by potential $ earnings and thats the most frustrating as I consider myself quite a smart, savvy person. I cant believe they still trade and havent been taken down. Im probably in the hole for $4000+ (GOLD BA) total but I have moved on. I started in 2010 when i lost my job looking for something to help out me and family. people beware!!! if you think this company has any substance or you will get anything back from it in return apart from less $ in your bank account then you are a bigger fool than me
    Take heed

    1. Wish i had seen this too

  68. Andrew thanks for sharing your story and putting your name to it.

  69. I am in India & fully agreed with you. My close friend suggested me this in India& I refused it.

    1. Dubli is doing very well in India right now. I just cant decide whether to buy dubli membership or not.

    2. Please feel free to contact me with any questions. I am in the U.S. and would be happy to assist. Once we chat, then you can decide if it is the right move for you or not. I would also encourage you to go to YouTube and search on Team WUKAR.


  70. Hey peeps.. I am about to start Dubli and looking forward to it! :-) Can't wait to start saving money especially coming upto christmas. If I can save some money and get cashback in the meantime wheey heey! all is good! for those that don't want to them you must have more money than sense! BOOOM!! LETS DO IT! :-)

    Oh by the way nope its not costing me $3000, its costing me about £80 British. Get the VIP package and shop away when and needed!

    All the best "scam people" but to those in Dubli that believe it and need to save/make extra money...well good on you!!

    Oh scammers by the way, yoy know when you get something through your mail asking if you want to save money on your tv package next money by referring a friend.... Watch it, that sounds like a scam to me!!!! ;-)

    Don't be an idiot.... DubLi it! ;-)

    Paul C from the UK :-)

  71. @Phil and others, it is a shame that so many are taken in. Most MLM are very good at what they do! I am looking to develop a joint venture with a few people.

    Look at You can find many posts that say is a scam. Who can you trust anymore?

    I did reputation management for many years and am currently rebuilding my website "," see I don't understand why people have to scam when they can make good money running their business legitimately.

    I have a venture I am starting that has the potential of making millions (where have you heard that before (LOL). Look at Kim Kardashian's $10,000 earnings for every Tweet she does on her Twitter account!

    What if you could get all of her followers! It is possible you know. I am currently starting a new venture building massive lists of niche related Twitter followers. Marrying those niche related lists with various affiliates etc. and you have the potential to make millions!

    I am able to do this because of the cheap labor here in the Philippines and the low cost of living.

    What if I could create 100 to 2,000 twitter accounts targeting all kinds of niches? And, what if I could gain on average 1,900 followers in each niche every single day! Remember that you can tie all kinds of affiliate links to these Twitter accounts. Think eBay, Amazon, Alibaba, Etsy and many more. What is great is that you don't even need a website to do this.

    My experience lays mostly in Search Engine Optimization and Reputation Management. I am a Canadian now living in the Philippines.

    I hope you will forgive my blatant plug,


  72. Interesting thread...

    A few people saying they got burned on a past business model that doesn't exist anymore at Dubli

    A few people who use Dubli as consumers who say its great and they like getting cash back from their purchases (no gambling, just discounts from merchants they go to through Dubli just like people buy from different merchants through Amazon)

    A few people who acknowledge there is no free lunch with Dubli (that you have to work to benefit as a BA), and a blog owner who keeps trying to say Dubli claims it gives free lunches (which I've not heard from anyone today who has approached me)

    A blog owner sports a direct conflict of interest with Dubli (because he is in the business of perpetuating the status quo of Internet marketing for merchants per the web sites he references as his thing) all while he bashes Dubli as an affiliate site while totally ignoring that Amazon is nothing but an affiliate site.

    I really appreciate the blog owner finally coming clean after 4 years... I couldn't for the life of me figure out why one guy would spend so much energy bashing Dubli... But when I see he is one of the leading guys perpetuating the status quo Internet sales model in Australia, its obvious why Dubli is such a threat to his business. Hence he has a big reason to bash.

    At this point in 2014, the bashing in this blog sounds like a lot of disinformation to me.

    It would be a proper service to the blog readers if the blog owner would actually be honest and fair, delete or archive the junk that is no longer relevant (stuff pre-dating 2013).

    For those baffled by the BS in here, Dubli has thousands of stores who participate with it including many big brands like Sophora, Sams Club, Gap, Macy's, . By installing the Dubli plug in for your browser, you see which Internet stores offer Dubli customers cash back discounts. When you buy from that store, you automatically get your cash back discount (providing you used your Dubli plug-in). As a customer you can choose to use it for Free (smallest discounts), pay a small monthly fee (I think $4.95) and get the Free level discount plus 4%, or pay $99 per year and get the Free level discount plus 6%.

    Dubli also has a completely separate business associate participation model in which you earn money for referring people and for helping get more business associates. Yes this costs money. And as with any referral based business model, the up front cost is to make sure you have some skin in the game to be motivated (because there are no free lunches) and to help filter out the riff raff that do and say stupid things.

    By the way, my name is Ron, I live in Washington state, I'm not a Dubli BA or even a Dubli customer but am investigating things. I'm posting as anonymous because there doesn't seem to be an option to post without giving out my email address to be bombed with by spammers... Maybe the blog owner, with his infinite wisdom on Internet marketing, would find an appropriate blog posting tool that allows people to put in a name without exposing their email identity.


    1. The blog owner is not bashing anyone. I posted this story years ago and the community has posted here. It should not be edited because it is the truth of the company’s history. If the company has changed to a fair model then that’s great. But lets not forget where Dubli came from.
      You make Assumptions without knowing anything about me. The fact is I also work in the USA assisting online retailers improve their business. I travel back and forth each month. I partner with eBay, Amazon, Alibaba, Facebook and many other leading companies.
      The Dubli model when launched was a disgrace that was built to prey on people for the benefit of a few. If they have changed -then great. The history still stands and the new business model is nothing special at all.

  73. Interesing thread.

    I have also recently been approached by an aquaintence proposotioning me to possibly join the team. After doing my own research, I think the safest route to take, while still remaining interested, is to literally start at the bare minimum and work up if you see the potential. That being said, I will be signing up for the free version of cash back. If it delivers as promised, I will entertain the idea of moving into a premium account. If that also pans out as advertised, then maybe a VIP membership is in my future.

    I'm not looking to get burned on a buy-in. That's why I'm approaching with caution. Best of luck to anyone else entertaining the idea.

  74. Your all going to be using DubLi's just a matter of time!

  75. How is that kool aid tasting Danny. LOL

  76. Here's a link that was sent to me by a internet guru. It sounds good but like always their is a catch. Can you analysis and tell us what is their angle? Secondly, what is your thoughts on Dubli today or anyone who wants to make this a MLM opportunity for others to make residual income off other associates brought in? Your thoughts?

  77. A friend sent a request that I watch three guys in a video talk about the prospect of joining this "company". After about two minutes of listening to their pitch, it sounded like a pyramid scheme. If it quakes like a duck, smells like a duck and waddles like a duck...

    Then I checked out their stock history. Oh my....not impressive. Why? Check it out your self.

    The scent is too heavy in the pyramid building business.

    In regards to the folks who operate this business, I think Harry Truman could sum them up like this: "They haven't enough sense to pound sand down a rat hole." But they do have enough sweet-talking talents to take from the unknowing.

  78. I find the stock interesting in the sense that they haven't released any financial information in almost two years. They have released report, but all they do is restate their information from 2011 and 2012.

    Given that said reports admit that they have completely changed their business model since 2012, the fact that they haven't released any financial data since the change is rather disturbing.

    The stock has surged in value recently, but not for any apparent reason.

  79. Looks like dubli is now a shopping mall.
    Anyone have any experience with this new platform?

    1. Yes, company has gone through major restructuring and is going to be enormous. Growing very rapidly and is very legit. If you would like more info, feel free to contact me. I have a lot more info on this company that the guy above that posted this in 2010! lol

    2. The company (Dubli) has been built on sand. To say it is going to be enormous is speculation on your part. The guy who posted this in 2010 (me) is a respected marketplace and eCommerce expert globally. . Who are you Sullivan? lol

    3. I do have experience. I have just invested in Team WUKAR (2 weeks ago) and have made $250. It's not much, but it proves to me it is not a scam. Folks, when researching DubLi, make sure you research Team WUKAR. We are launching a new platform on Nov 2, 2014 that is very exciting. Like Phil says, whether it is an enormous success or failure is peer speculation. The key is to do your research on the founders of the company and who they have brought in over the past year. My next advice is to be sure you buy in 100% or do not do it at all. it takes effort on anyone's part to be successful. Don't expect to be a millionaire and not give any effort. Just like anything else though, if you believe in the program and work hard at it, you can make it as successful as you like. Contact me with any questions.


  80. Phil, what is your take on dubli today? Can it be the next mega company, like they claim, a Facebook, Google, Microsoft, groupon, or eBay?

    1. Never, the fact they claim as such should send you running.

    2. LOL Phil, how in the heck was that a real response?? LoL such garbage.

    3. Hide behind being Anonymous. If you have convictions in your post then put your name to it and stop hiding. Only fools have been claiming that Dubli is going to be bigger that FB and ebay etc. You are apparently one of them. You poor human.

  81. First of all, I want to thank Phil for starting this conversation way back in 2010. I agree that comments should NOT be edited. However, I also believe that people that are part of DubLi share their success stories. You should get the truth - good and bad! Lastly, I think we all need to be professional. There are definitely some posts that lack professionalism.

    So, I am one of those guys who has invested in the MLM side of this business. I am from Phoenix, AZ and a member (TLA) of TEAM WUKAR. What is great about this investment is that you have multiple ways of making money. If you love MLMs - Great. If you hate them - Great. You can still make money. But like Phil says, it is not a free lunch nor is it a get rich quick kind of company. Like any other business, you have to work hard and put forth the effort. What is great is that DubLi is just starting to market to the U.S. So, for the U.S. side of things, you are coming in at the top level. Team WUKAR has some of the best online marketers and SEO folks in the world.

    So here is my advice to everyone. Do you due diligence and research the company. If you have questions/concerns or any interest, set up a time to chat with someone from the company. If you think it sounds good, then make the investment. If you are not 100% sold on it, then don't make the investment. If you do sign up, my team and I are will make this promise: We will do everything within our power to make you successful.

    In closing, I am going to provide my email address should anyone want to reach out to me directly with any questions you may have. Phil, I hope it is ok to provide my email address in this forum. Thanks for keeping the honesty and integrity in your blog. My email address is

    1. Hi MIke! Can you please tell me how to sign up as a free member? I also have team WUKAR,s webinar, but haven't made up my mind yet. On their site to join, what is the business license for $99 for? Is that for a year membership as a VIP? Thanks! I am also sending you a PM.

    2. I agreed with you. Both good and bad review must stay. And people do your dang research. Please, have business sense and learn what it takes to a business person if you want to improve your odds of being successful.

      As for the member side, I read a few people who haven't gotten their Cashback. Others said they never have any issue as far as Cashback is concern. Would love to read more post about that. Dubli will live or die on whether they pay their members Cashback. If they want to succeed, keep customer/members happy by continue to pay the Cashback.

  82. I got involved in Dubli a few days ago. I went mad for 3 days doing some attraction marketing , no spamming... Got a load of leads, maybe 100 or so.. No one signed up.. It offers great discounts and really it should just be free like Google searching for best deals ,finds ebay etc etc...

    It takes a lot of work to build an MLM business and it creates a lot of dmamge along the way. There is always someone with high hopes and no skills and only a limited income that gets burned and left feeling a failure.. MLM is not good in my opinion. People need to find their real passion in life and monetise that and not just jump on something like Dubli and get hyped for a ffew months .. yes the guys at the top will make a mint.. They are top internet marketer , they know how to make money from the bottom up...

    I realised after 3 days that I wanted to spend my time doing what I love. I would rather die happy playing music ( I am a musician ) and being broke than getting rich and wasting my time walking around in a cloud of hype about a company that offers discounts on Shopping bla bla.. I hate shopping and I don't like being glued to a computer screen for hours trying to market to my Pacific island ..

    I have asked for a 100% refund on becoming aBA ( £495 isn ) I did it within the 3 days ...lets see what happens (-:

    Shameless plug , here is my music .. by some art instead of some shopping experience from Dubli ...

    Peace and Love

    Andy Murray

    1. Andy....let us know if you get your refund.

    2. I got my refund from Dubli, since it was less than 72 hours after my transaction.
      I placed a ticket and heard back from them a bit over a week later.
      I did try to call their office in Florida, but all it was was a busy signal -- I was kinda freaking at that point though.
      I also called my bank after I submitted my ticket to contest, if possible, if I didn't get my refund.
      My buddy that signed me up met up with the bigwigs in San Diego a few days ago, so I don't know if he had anything to do with it.

    3. pretty awesome website you have

  83. Here's a wise piece of advice from Mike Dillard , millionaire entrepreneur ( who's opinion I asked about Dubli or any MLM for that matter )

    Opportunites don't make you money. Skills do !

    1. So, what exactly is he trying to say by that reply? Is Dubli a worthwhile business or Not?

  84. Becoming a little more familiar with network marketing. These posts are great. The skeptic in me asks: How does Dubli make money? What's in it for the retailer who partners with Dubli?

    1. Instead of spending money on advertising, retailers pass that money back to Dubli for leads (contracts they have with Dubli)? Dubli passes that $ to consumer or charity/school. Dubli makes its money from consumer VIP membership $99/year (incentive is more cashback for money they are already spending) and the network marketing sign ups $2,500 level and $690 level? --- Off the top of my head

  85. again thanks for all the info good and bad.. the reviews show problems, so opting out of this scam.. thanks for taking the time to write them. Even perfect companies have a hard time, but one with bad reviews, wow I see jail time

  86. All the various types found around the bee hive...
    You get those who have no business savvy that take a chance, make money and brag about it ... then you get those who get talked into something and do nothing because they did not do their homework and then it does not work because their heart is not in it and call it a BIG o`l SCAM , then there are those who just get around the hive because they love to wash their face when others are looking and then another type that gets trapped turning pennies around that everything else MUST be for "Jail Birds" & so we can continue is a big CHEER to all the worker BEES that makes the HIVE work and also earn a good reward out of it!! Sweet stuff ... keep bringing in the pollen guys.. there is loads of sweet stuff here...if you just mind the smelly ones that died not reaching their goals....

    1. If you really believe what you have posted here then put your name to it. Your assumptions regarding those that call it a scam are wrong.

  87. Hey Phil... looks like Amazon is taking a big hit. Keep an eye on DubLi, World's Largest ecommerce site.

    1. Are you on something? Put your name to your silly post. BTW the biggest company on the planet is Alibaba. A company that I partner with.

  88. Thank you for writing this. I have ALOT of friends losing their damn minds and money over Dubli right now. They sound like they belong to a cult in their constant facebook posts. What used to be updates about friends and family are now WUKAR this, Dubli that, and "pretty soon I'll be drinking cocktails from my free place in Grand Cayman." One friend in particular is now flying out to San Diego from MI to attend some hyped out conference they are having next month. Of course he has to buy his own plane ticket, as well as a ticket to the conference, and this is after already handing them 2,500$ to join. I'm scared for my friends to see how this all turns out.

    1. Almost all MLM businesses don't pay for your travel to team events or registration. So that's not too out of the ordinary. But yeah it's def an investment but Im on the fence too however I think you should try the free account on Dubli

    2. LJL,

      You don't understand MLM and business. That $2500 is mostly paid to purchase starter kit. In those starter kit are the products (VIP memberships). Most of that $2,500 consists of products. His actually licensing fee is only $99. That $2500 does not cover lifetime expenses to running a business.

      I run a service agency under a franchise, I paid $8,000 just to have licensing rights. Just to have the right to access their products. I pay $400 a month fee. And on top of that, every month, I still have to give 10% of my gross profit to my franchisor. Should I expect a lifetime of business expense out of that $8000 I paid too?

      This can be said about any business. Upfront fees does not cover for your lifetime expenses of running a business.

  89. Why not do the sensible thing and join as a free member like i have just done. you can then let the emotions return to normal and take your time to decide if this is for you...Test out the benefits; [if any] as a purchasing customer and see if it delivers... I was simply told about this model by a business colleague and initially was blown away with enthusiasm to join .The old saying : Fools rush in !!! has been foremost in my thinking for over 28yrs of running my own successful company... Try B4 you buy is a better option in my experience.. Will keep ya posted and thanks guys for a great forum ..regards

  90. Thanks LJL: Im still waiting patiently for ANY comments good or bad regarding your experience with Dubli. Surely If the company can Deliver the promises that are projected and we can communicate so freely these days in forums like this. WHY is this page not flooded with experiences.. Come on Phil or some-one
    Enlighten us with your knowledge plz.
    Brisbane, Australia

  91. Hey Kev!

    I don't know if my post went through but long story short a bud of mine referred me to DUBLI as a customer.

    I signed up for Free, then realized man Im missing out on bigger opportunities for cash back. So I signed up for VIP.

    Instantly I had a trip I'm making out in a couple of weeks. So I booked my flight through Cheapoair received $3.25 cash back. I then booked my hotel which was $284 at 11.8% cash back = $33.51.

    I have received $36.76 off of 2 purchases that I WAS ALREADY GOING TO BUY, and I have made back 1/3 of my VIP membership.

    Simply put this is a legitimized subscription that I cannot wait to use for Cyber Monday to earn tons more Cash Back. If you want to try it out,
    click here to sign up for free!

    Take Care!

  92. Maybe he won't let people as he's the moderator???

  93. Very happy to post both sides of the discussion. I will not promote posts from people that only seek to use this forum as a lead generator for the Dubli System. I suggest people that post as ANONYMOUS put their name and photo to the post. A simple request for most people, but for those that seek to hide.

  94. Hi I'm not part of it but why would the apple store be now part of this? I mean they dont give discounts as a rule ...I guess they can leave when they like as well :) just like any of them...the bigger then FB, ebay claims a bit iffee, interesting thread

    1. Apple is not signed up with Dubli.
      Dubli uses affiliate networks to get discounts.
      It is an affiliate arbitrage game.
      There is no rocket science going on at Dubli.
      Just good old "snake oil" sales.
      They just rely on 99% of the "prospects" not doing any homework on the discount sources, the US "listed" (pink sheets) entity, etc.

    2. "There is no rocket science going on at Dubli" Great comment and post. I agree with you 100%. Well articulated. Thank you.

    3. Apple is part of DubLi. You get 7% cash back as a VIP.

    4. Apple isn't part of Dubli. Apple discounts are accessed throughwell known affiliate network(s).
      Dubli is simply acting as an affiliate marketer (and relies on the recruiting side of the business to prop up the thin or negative margins from affiliate transactions.
      It works like this...
      - a merchant makes a sale
      - a third-party affiliate network collects their fee
      - Dubli is paid their affiliate commission
      - Dubli affiliates are paid a percentage of commission Dubli receive

      This is confirmed in their 10K filing...

      "DubLi offers our own online “DubLi Shopping Mall” that allows customers to search and shop for products offered by various online stores. DubLi is not the supplier of these products.

      We provide links to products sold in numerous merchants’ online stores based on the customer’s searches and earn a commission on the purchases made by the customers that we refer.

      For all customer purchases that are completed with the respective online store (known as merchant partner in the affiliate network) which sold the product, the Company receives a set percentage based on the completed customer purchase (transaction share) or a flat dollar amount for each transaction that is directed from a DubLi Shopping Mall or Shopping Mall."

      Smoke and mirrors...

    5. Thanks for posting. Its great to see that some know what is going on.

  95. I have recently found out about Dubli and was immediately interested in the idea of saving and making money. I am not interested in screwing my friends or family over and am worried about the reputation of Dubli from past history. I think it makes the most sense to sign up as a free membership and save a bit of money and see how it plays out. I'm quite skeptical but don't want to pass up on a potentially great opportunity.

    1. I am in the same boat as you. think being a client and seller is doable in this business. I'm not too concern about that. What I am concern is...Will Dubli PAY! Pay out cashback, pay out commission, and for long term. Or will it do what it did in the past...close shop and move onto something else leaving thousands and millions holding an empty bag? I

    2. You don't need to be Albert Einstein to figure out what will happen.

      Of course the Dubli upper echelon will escape with the cash and leave the majority of the disciples holding an empty (negative for most) bag.

      That is how all these pyramid schemes work.

      Just too bad honest folk get caught by the hype experts that drive these things but everyone wants to see the bright shiny object and not the reality of what is going down.

      Just research a little on the guys hyping this now. Look at where they have been before and make your own judgment. One scheme after another.

      Then look at the actual details of how the Dubli discounts are obtained.
      Their only source of discounts are through leveraging affiliate networks and dressing that up like they have brokered deals with top brands and rely on the punters not really digging deep to discover what is really there.

      And just to top it off look into the "listed" entity in the US.
      Pink sheets entity not worth the paper it is trading.

      As the saying goes you can take a horse to water but you can't make it drink (the reality) and I'm afraid most people are already getting burned.

  96. Can anybody help me to sell my paper based Dubli shares? I bought 14 000 in 2010, and I cant do with anything here, in Hungary ( Budapest)
    My name is Judit Molnár.

  97. Hi Judit,
    I am sure one of the many defenders of Dubli would be quick to buy from you seeing as the company is going to be bigger than ebay, amazon and facebook. Over to you Dubli pushers!

  98. This company stock is crashing I bought it at $.22 now it's at $.16 the company's founder Took out business loans against this company for $6 million house in Dubai and $4 million worth of land in the Cayman Islands for its executives I'm not sure how it's going to survive when the company only makes maybe $3 million a year well anyways the stock is crashing and I'm going to sell good luck.if anyone has any questions on this just check the SEC filings it's all public data.

  99. I have had a look at most of the responses to this post, and I have to say that some of them are very uninformed and negative. I thought the purpose of a post was to listen to opinions, gather facts about the topic etc, not to disrespect or degrade people making comments with terms like "dickhead" etc!
    Network Marketing is a fantastic concept, but unfortunately not many companies really produce a true residual income. In terms of DubLi or any other company for that matter being a scam, a lot of this is misconception or your perception. The way I see it is, no one makes you join anything! If you fail to gather enough information about the opportunity before you decide to join, then the error is on your behalf. That said, you really don't know how an opportunity is going to perform until you are in and following the system, and time will tell if it really works. Unfortunately I have lost a lot of money with this trial and error concept.
    I am currently with DubLi and saw it as a great opportunity to move ahead, but in the presence of these kinds of posts and reviews on the net, I am looking at the opportunity more critically!
    For those of you who call it a Pyramid, you really should look at the true meaning of a Pyramid, and you will see that DubLi is not one; Pyramids are illegal, and the last time I looked the company is registered.
    Taking a more critical view of the opportunity, the only way you can really make money with DubLi or many of the other companies out there is to sponsor as many people as you can, and duplicate that, as it appears that the the main revenue is generated from the fees of customers upgrading or affiliates joining. This is not a scam, it's just an ineffective business model. I think the option of joining as a customer and getting cashback is a great concept, but here in the UK you can join a company called topcashback (non mlm) for free, and qualify for more cashback than DubLi without having to upgrade for a price. So if you can really only earn money with DubLi by sponsoring, as becoming a customer isn't the best option with other FREE options available, what's the point!
    Thanks for your contribution and helping me make an informed decision to look elsewhere to achieve my dreams!!!!

  100. Is Dubli a scam?

    Well I decided to shoot a short video to explain this.