Friday, April 23, 2010

Apple’s iPhone 4G pre-release scandal!

I am currently in San Francisco and everyone is talking about Apple’s iPhone 4G pre-release scandal .
According to a website reports some Apple execs left the new top secret phone in a bar after a night of partying. The news is all good for iPhone freaks. To get the full story go here
Talking about Apple; I purchased a13” MacBook Pro today at the flagship San Francisco store on Market Street. I was finally convinced by the PPC expert Bjorn Espenesof to make the switch from Microsoft after having the pleasure of spending the weekend with Bjorn, Sondra and his 2 wonderful girls in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Bjorn is a legend in the online space and a great friend.
We went skiing (1st time in 15 years) and mountain bike riding (1st time). Bjorn tried really hard to keep me in the country so I could experience the famed US medical system (by way of injury). I am happy to report that Bjorn was not successful this time.
I was at a party in Melbourne some years back when Apple 1st introduced the iPhone. I got into a bit of an argument with a stock market analyst about how this device would change Apple and its attack on Microsoft. My argument was that it would make people think about Apple and in turn, bosses would start using Apple computers because of the great experience and then start buying them for the workplace. This is a now a reality for the early adopters here in the US. So many of my e-commerce friends in the US have made the switch to Apple.
I know that I am up for 30 days of discomfort, however it is more than worth it. I will also make the transition from outlook to the google gmail system during the process. What a killer laptop!