Monday, September 20, 2010

The Cleansing Rainbow Gang?

This is truly cleansing time for Australia as light is shined on independents and greens. I believe that the Labor/Green/independents alliance can never survive 3 years due to the fragile nature of the balance and the likely hood of a sickness or death (of a member) or some sandal that forces a by-election.

A light will now shine into the corners of the political landscape to the vocal minorities of green & independents. They have avoided the light due to the dominance two party system. They have cherished the day to bask in the light and they will soon be living by the “be careful what you wish for” rule.

This will prove to be a challenging time for Green & independents.

I am in favor of using this time to achieve parliamentary reform; a true independent speaker of the House is a good start and more relevance during question time (Hard task to achieve).

We are going to swallow some horrible policy over the next term however it is a great opportunity to enact change to parliament procedure at the same time.

When the house is burning it’s a good idea to try and save the furniture.

To be optimistic, every negative has a potential silver lining.

One thing is for sure, Robert Oakeshott is in for a tuff time and it will only be a matter of time before you witness him crying.

Is this the change we have to have?

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