Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Who is the smartest guy on the planet?

If you Google The smartest guyJohn Wieber holds #1 search position. John is a close friend of mine that I had the pleasure of meeting 7 years ago in the USA. I don’t know if he is the smartest guy on the planet however I do know that he is one of the smartest I have ever met.

The smartest Guy #1 position is an unofficial competition amongst online entrepreneurs, SEO gurus, and search experts. I have heard different speakers over the years claim the mantle and I was with John at an event in New Orleans a few years back when he proclaimed, “I can do that!” A few months later a client challenged him. I checked about 2 weeks ago and he achieved the #1 position.

Congratulations John!

BTW: if you would like to talk with John, I am happy to introduce you….

1 comment:

  1. Having worked with him multiple times, he indeed earned that title. He knows more about search than anyone else I know, and has a no non-sense approach to it.