Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pubcon in Vegas

I have been busy working on the next PeSA Australia conference. We set new benchmarks each time we hold our conference, as our survey data suggests, get better each year.  Our growth has been a steady 35% increase in attendance with this year reaching the 500 mark.

It is important to monitor what is happening here in Australia and attend conferences in the USA, to seek out the latest trends, quality speakers and network with industry leaders.

I am heading to Pubcon in Las Vegas on November 7 with a group of about 10 Australians.  Pubcon is a fantastic conference and I am pleased to see the Australian contingent grow again this year. I am not the most prolific tweeter; however you will find that I am pretty active during Pubcon due to the fantastic content.

After Pubcon I will be heading to NYC to work on Shop New York, the place to buy shoes online (Notice the anchor text? Good opportunity for some free SEO). I will be located in Manhattan for a week and look forward to catching up with my NYC friends.

The eBay edit of PeSA Australia conference 2011.

Save the date: PeSA 2011 July 21 & 22

We produced a 2 minute video of this years conference and the folks at eBay produced their own 4 minute version.  Here is the eBay version.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Girl who sings about New York

I know I am slow to react about what a landmark track Empire Sate of Mind by Jay-Z featuring Alicia Keys is.  This track has been slow to bed with me however I felt compelled to write about it after talking with my best buddy Tim Byrne of Kiss FM last night - who said the same. Normally when I travel to NYC Frank Sinatra’s “Theme from New York City” comes into my head. Now it’s has been replaced by Empire State of Mind.  

Words like “Concrete jungle where dreams are made of, There's nothing you can’t do, Now you're in New York!!!
These streets will make you feel brand new, the lights will inspire you,
Let's hear it for New York, New York, New York” hit the mark.

Ladies and Gentlemen this is a landmark track.

Like the city -I love it.