Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My Free Website goes live!

Congratulations to my buddy Felicity Selkirk for the fantastic work in design and concept for her new website MyFreeWebsite.com.au .  The key to creating a better user experience is designing pages that are easy to use, uncluttered and with clear calls to action. Too many websites oversupply information on the homepage that is a proven driver of lowering  “time on page” and increasing “bounce rates”.  Content on the homepage is critical to SEO and must be taken into account in the planning stages during a website build.  Getting the balance right is critical to both the user experience and being found on Google. Felicity has produced a site that is easy for her target market to understand and navigate.

MyFreeWebsite.com.au is a fantastic way for people to create their own website for free, easily. The only costs are for URL registration and website hosting.

I predict great results for Felicity with this site.

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