Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The World’s Leading and Only eBay Certified Design Firm visits Australia!

Visiting Australia in July, Frooition are truly excited to be hosting their first exhibit ‘Down Under’!

They’re attending the Professional eBay and Ecommerce Sellers Internet Conference (PeSA) at the Gold Coast Convention & Exhibition Centre on the 21st and 22nd July.

The event will have many exciting attendees discussing the latest on eBay and eCommerce including Deborah Sharkey (Managing Director eBay Australia & New Zealand), John Lawson (CEO of Online Urban Clothing), Mark Gray (Managing Director of Channel Advisor Australia), Andrew Main (Co-Founder Frooition) and many more so it will come as no surprise this is set to be the biggest PeSA Event to date!

You will be able to find them on stand 3 (left of the entrance) where there specialist team including Andrew Main (eBay Strategist) will be exhibiting. As their frontline expert, you will have the privilege to draw on his knowledge during a panel speaking conference at the event.

Why not stop by and say hello?
If you miss the chance to quiz Andrew during the panel conference, swing by their exhibit where Andrew and the team will be free to talk to you about the latest developments on eBay and how their designs are proven to increase sales by a massive, 30%! (on average).

As an exciting addition, Frooition’s CEO, Phillip Molloy, will also be joining the Frooition team at this prestige event. Creating a unique opportunity to meet the CEO of the World’s Leading and Only Certified eBay Design Company. And what’s more, they are even providing complimentary popcorn – now that’s service!
If you’re unable to attend and miss the event, don’t worry, as you will be able to follow them on Twitter for the latest event activities! So keep watching and prepare for the latest on eBay and eCommerce.

Frooition brand eBay Stores for eBay Sellers all across the world, from your small eBay Hobby Seller right up to your large internationals such as Calvin Klein, Karen Millen, Speedo and many more. They have the proven knowledge and skills to enhance your eBay Store and increase your average sales by up to 30%! They also design ecommerce websites, and produce facebook designs.
Simply visit Frooition.com and see how, as the only eBay Certified Store Designer they can help you!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Frooition Create Free eBay Category Feature Finder

eBay Category Feature Finder - Helping eBay Sellers Everywhere
In efforts to help eBay Sellers everywhere, frooition has created this fantastic FREE tool!
Not only will this exciting new tool help you get the most out of eBay, but with the upcoming July changes to eBay categories, you will be able to find out exactly what you need for each product listing!
“This tool is a brilliant solution to the latest eBay Changes, acting as guidance and support with the new Category Updates” 
Key Highlights
·       Find product listing requirements for any eBay category
·       Filter for required Item Specifics, Multi-variations, mandatory Item Conditions, Product Catalogue Availability, and Parts Compatibility
·       Dynamically updates with new eBay changes
·       Works with all eBay sites and Countries
·       All in a single web page for intuitive and easy use
You can use this great tool to find what fields are required for each product category and what advanced features are available in each category (Products Catalogue, Multi-variation, required Item Specifics etc). Knowing these details will help you to not only prioritise your product loading onto eBay, but will also help you meet the new field changes in July’s updates.
This intuitive tool is so easy to use, you simply select the eBay category you want to list in, and it returns all of the category’s requirements. If you prefer, you can simply enter the eBay Category ID into the search box for quick location.
frooition  has made this tool future proof, to ensure you can get the most out of its functionality. Every time there is an eBay Category Update, the software will update automatically, so you have one point of contact for all future listing efforts.
As a seller, how does this help me?
·       Helps you meet new eBay Category Seller updates
·       Helps you to establish what is required for each product listing
(Main category to micro categories)
·       Helps you understand category listing requirements
·       Helps you to find out what categories can have multi-variations
·       Helps you to maximise your listing potential
·       Helps you to become a Top Rated Seller and supports your search standing as a Top Rated Seller!
·       Helps you to maximise your listing sales potential, increasing your sales!
Did you know, if you identify what product categories use multi-variations, you can maximise your listing potential and sales reach. Simply prioritising these in your listing efforts will give you maximum sales impact whilst using minimal effort.
Key Benefits for you using multi-variation listings:
·       Saving Time: Listing once, instead of multiple times
·       Saving Money: You’ll pay fewer insertion fees, and get special pricing for pictures with variations
·       Gaining more visibility: As buyers start purchasing from your multi-quantity listings, your listings can appear higher in Best Match search results

What do I need to do as a seller?
·       Start using this great tool now, and prepare for the July eBay updates
·       Start proactively listing in multi-variation categories to maximise your return
·       Bookmark this great tool for future use to help you with future eBay updates
Top Tips
·       Use this tool to prioritise your listing efforts, improving efficiency and maximising listing impact
·       When launching new products onto eBay, research new product category requirements to allocate resource requirements. i.e. is this product supported by eBay Product Catalogue?
·       Keep ahead of eBay category updates through using this tool and meeting future mandatory field requirements (Updated live by eBay)
With such a great tool, you may ask yourself, why have we produced it and why is it completely FREE?
As the only eBay Certified Design Company in the world, we have a special relationship with eBay, and as part of that relationship we want to help you sell more online, we want to provide you the best support tools possible, and so, this FREE tool will help you do just that!

Click Here to Start using this great free tool