Tuesday, August 23, 2011

9 out of 10 of Australian website design companies are crap!

Be careful your website might have the same retail exposure as this store.

Every one in this business calls themselves an expert. My pet hate is website designers.  90% of them have no right using the word “website” with “design”. They may claim the title of design but including website in the title is misleading.

What is the use of building a website if it cannot be found online? I see examples everyday from sites that have cost the owners anywhere from $5,000 to $120,000 that lack very basic search optimisation principles. I would rather have an ugly website that gets traffic before a beautiful one that doesn’t.

The 1st thing that needs consideration before building any website is keyword research and a strong SEO framework.

Basic checklist for building a website.

·      Plan & Goals (is it an ecommerce website or for lead generation?)
·      Keyword research
·      Onsite SEO framework

Are the basics covered? Has the site got the following?

·      Google analytics installed with goals set up within the system to track conversions.
·      Webmaster tools
·      Submission to Google local
·      Site map submission via Webmaster tools
·      Privacy policy
·      Title tags
·      Description tags
·      Images tags
·      H1 tags
·      Google Data feed submission 

Remember design is design and website construction is a different skill set. When building a house you don’t let the interior designer lead the architect.  The problem we have with most “website designers” is the claim to be experts in both.

Always ask to see examples of other website work they have undertaken. Check out the Google page rank and Alexia rank of the sites. Speak to the website owner and ask questions. Does the site generate business? Is the CMS system user friendly and productive? Don’t just be dazzled by a company that has a big brand on their books. I have seen some companies who have monster clients who also have crap onsite SEO and poorly planned websites.

The best websites are the ones that don’t require constant interaction with the design companies after completion. Some website companies still operate on the business plan of you having to return to them to update the site. Some also charge high prices for website hosting. Beware.

If you are a website designer and you feel that you might be guilty (most don’t because they think they know it all) get your self on a plane and attend industry conferences and start reading about eCommerce & SEO.

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  1. Pretty perplexed claim mate! I think the problem also lies in that most business owners who want to venture with online presence relies only on their event marketing and forgets every other piece of the pie. It may not be rocket science to build it from scratch, but finding one who can do it right IS.