Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Reach Foundation Charity Night

2011 was the first time we ran the event outside a capital city (Melbourne or Sydney). This decision was made due to several facts, including that the majority of delegates were already travelling, a mid-winter event would be more attractive in a warmer “destination” location and that we needed a more professional event space to handle our growth. Of course, there was also some risk involved in choosing a regional centre, but it proved a risk worth taking. We were still able to grow attendee numbers and the feedback from delegates (and exhibitors) has been excellent.

The Gala charity Dinner enjoyed a 22% increase with 270 people in attendance this year.

The highlight of the Gala night was Jim Stynes inspirational speech about his career, life and being the founder of the Reach Foundation. This year we raised $28,500!

Jim Stynes
Jan-Marie Henry, Nancy Leahy, Ross & Mariana Kennedy
 Phil Leahy & Jim Stynes
 Poster King Adam Hersh
Steve Vallas, Linh Hoang, Frank Karaberas

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