Thursday, December 29, 2011

My experience of lending money to following (updated):

Clinton (Clint) Gebert: Principal
David Naparstek: Principal
Steven Mooney: Accountant
Robert John Rushford: Lawyer


Steven Mooney approached me to help his client out namely Clint (Clinton) Gebert and David Naparstek with a short term loan. I told him the only money I had was our deposit money for a home; a sum of $23,000.

I was offered good interest for this 30 day loan. I was assured by their lawyer Robert John Rushford about his clients: Clinton Gerbert and David Naparstek.

“Clint and David are property developments who have tens of millions in property holdings and plenty of assets. This is a no brainer and you will have the money back before the 30th day.”*

I asked the obvious question.

I was informed by Robert John Rushford and Steven Mooney that it was a short term cash problem for Clinton Gerbert and David Naparstek. They had a need to scrape together enough cash so they could do this other deal that would be a windfall for them.

I asked for and received Security by the way of a Caveat on a block of land valued at $60,000.


It is now over a year and I still have not received my money back apart from $2000. The security is useless as others have taken out a Caveat on the same block. I was led to understand that the security offered was gold. I am not the only person that has been hit this way by these people.

The thing that really annoys me is that I have been promised dates for payment over a dozen times over the past 12 months or so. I am repeatedly told it will happen in the next few weeks. David Naparstek has made many appointments with me to talk face to face and never shown up for any of meetings.


Another year has past and despite weekly promises nothing has been paid back or any written assurances. I know of at least 5 others in my suburb alone that have had the same experience.

 20/12/2011 (Update)

Clinton Gerbert has never fronted to any meeting and is still doing business.

David Naparstek. I have many text messages from him promising a settlement and promising a letter from his lawyers outlying the settlement. However each time he has always failed to deliver. This man is not to be trusted.

Steven Mooney is currently servicing time in Jail for fraud on different matter.

Robert John Rushford is apparently in Albury and trading again.

 15 August 2012

Steven Mooney or Steve Mooney is out of Jail and has been seen hanging out with his old mate Clint Gerbert. David Naparstek call me occasionally to make promises he never keeps. Steve Mooney is off the hook with me having served his time, however I am appalled that he still makes at choice to hang around Clinton Gerbert.


Philip Leahy
*words to the effect


  1. Phil,
    You have seven days to remove my name from this blog or I will commence action against you without further notice. I met you at a lunch for investors and committed $40k of my own money to this property deal. THE GFC saw that deal fail and I lost my money as did you. That's why it is called speculation - high risk high return.
    To suggest I was a promoter is incorrect and that you relied upon advice from me over lunch is laughable.
    You also failed to mention in your blog your own financial difficulties that I was later told you were suffering at the time preferring to blame everyone else.
    You have 7 days Phil to remove my name absolutely. I am sick of reading this rubbish year in year out.
    At first I just felt sorry for you but it is time for you to behave like an adult and be accountable for your comments.
    Rob Rushford - If you need to speak to me my mobile is 0432 263 056 but don't expect too much support.

  2. Thanks for posting on my blog Robert. I still have the file and I am very clear on what happened. My post is a true and correct description. I stand by it.