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Moral Compass Lacking from Google DNA

I attended a lunch meeting with David Wood - a European competition law expert and Legal Counsel for the Initiative for a Competitive Online Marketplace. At the lunch David gave a presentation about current competition drivers in Europe, including the ongoing matter between Google and the Director General Competition in the EC.

I was astounded to learn about how far Google has pushed the boundaries in regards to unfair and anti competitive behavior across the company’s product offerings. This also extends to Mapping & Listing Services, and Google’s using anti-competitive tactics to lock competitors on mobile devices.

A great example of Google behavior is in the travel & hotel business. How would you feel if you were spending millions of dollars with Google, lets say Expedia, then have Google announce that they are now in the Travel & Hotel business?

Google have oversight of your business information then use that information to be the dominant player overnight. This is akin to Google being a Black Jack dealer that not only plays in the game - but also knows what cards are being dealt.

This example alone demonstrates that the company has no moral compass in regard to anti competition laws and the customers that have helped make it rich.

This year we have seen Google's continuing 'enhancements' affecting business placements in search results. Most of these algorithm changes have been to benefit of Google.

Regarding industry participation, we have been asking Google for over 4 years to be involved with the PeSA Internet Conference. We provide over 70 content sessions that include subjects like Google Analytics, PPC management, SEO & Webmaster tools. The companies and attendees at the conference represent billions of dollars worth of online trade in Australia. Yet Google don’t seam interested in engagement. It’s seams that the folks at Google are only interested in Enterprise clients. It also seams that Google is keen to keep “the computer” between itself and online community rather than engage face to face.

We can only hope that in 2013 that Google show more engagement with the Australian online community and start supporting events like Online Retailer, The Online Retail Awards, iStrategy and PeSA.

If you would like more information regarding Initiative for a Competitive Online Marketplace. Please visit I-COMP.ORG

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Click Frenzy wasn’t a disaster – in fact it’s a success


Yesterday was a landmark day for Australian eCommerce – Click Frenzy had been promoted for a few weeks, aiming to replicate the successful Cyber Monday sales that take place in the USA. Grant Arnott brought the concept to Australia and rallied together several hundred retailers of all shapes and sizes and created a landing page for all the discounts and specials to be presented on – Click Frenzy was born. Now unless you live under a rock – you would be aware that shortly after 7pm last night the site crashed under the huge wave of demand – many taking to twitter and Facebook to vent their spleen and show their dissatisfaction with the site.

Many may say I am going to try and defend the indefensible – and that is fine – but what occurred yesterday from an overall eCommerce point of view, big picture retail – shows why eCommerce is the future of retail and deserves to be taken seriously. The lead up to Click Frenzy saw copious media releases, TV appearances, and a hype this country has not experienced for an online event – unless of course you are a teenage girl who has tried to buy One Direction tickets.
Over a million people attempted to get into a site at one time – the sorts of traffic that bricks and mortar retailers at a shopping centre like Chadstone could only dream about. In many ways this is a good comparison to Click Frenzy – it’s a modern day one-off giant shopping centre – they do the promotion and marketing – the consumers pick and choose from the retailers on offer. The retailers who were involved in last nights event – which is still going until 7pm tonight – will be setting record sales figures I am sure – so many people buying online at one stage is a success.
What Click Frenzy highlighted was the huge thirst for online purchases – the public has completely embraced online. Our local retailers have moaned about the overseas threat, and our local retailers have been slow to really jump into the online space with both feet – tending to dab a toe into the ocean instead. And after last nights amazing display of interest and engagement with online – local retailers can no longer afford to just dab at the ocean – they have to dive in!
Some consumers definitely had a right to be disappointed with last night – after all the hype and all the interest – it is a shame that they couldn’t log on and see the deals on offer – the whole event outshone industry expectations. And whilst these consumers might have vented on Facebook or twitter last night – they will continue to shop online. It is for this reason that the Click Frenzy event will be an annual event and why the local retailers need to start seriously investing in online retail; this cant fail again – or more will go overseas.
Click Frenzy wasn’t the only site that crumbled under the load of interest, David Jones, who went it alone with the creatively named ‘Christmas Frenzy’ sale; Priceline, Myer, and Toys ‘r’ us websites also crashed. Many will say this a ‘fail’ an ‘epic fail’ even – but these unprecedented numbers show the demand and thirst for online shopping is huge and needs to be taken seriously. Overseas retailers know this – Australian retailers cannot afford to keep putting online in the too hard basket or not taking it seriously; the interest and desire to buy online is now too great to be ignored and will only get bigger. I know if you speak to any retailer about last night – they will tell you about the impressive sales figures they achieved; Click Frenzy is a success.

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PeSA Super Early Bird tickets are ON SALE NOW!

Sheridyn Fisher Hamish Moline Iian Peretz

Super Early Bird tickets are ON SALE for only $375! This limited offer is only available for the first 200 tickets*

*This offer is only available until 30 November unless sold out before - so be quick! Register here

In 2012 we had over 600 delegates, 70 speakers, 31 exhibitors and three networking events! 2013 will be bigger again. Hold the date and if you haven't been along before, make sure you register for PeSA updates to keep in touch.

What's different about PeSA Internet Conference?
The PeSA Internet Conference is an established event with a six year history. Unlike other conferences, PeSA is focused on practicality; the HOW to sell online, not the THEORY of selling online.
PeSA is made up of experienced online sellers, ensuring that all Conference content is highly relevant to those in the business of online retailing. PeSA is the leading conference for small to large sized online sellers. [Learn more]

More Sessions
In 2012 we got bigger again! We extended the Conference so that it kicks off a half day earlier, allowing for more sessions and a NEW networking night - Welcome drinks on the Wednesday night. We also added another stream, so there were keynotes plus FIVE content streams.

Want to know what was covered in 2012? We have a selection of presentations available for download in the weeks after the conference. 2012 slide presentations available for download. VIDEOS OF PRESENTATIONS and view Photos  of PeSA 2012
Core Values
PeSA is devoted to promoting the highest levels of professionalism, fairness, honesty, and integrity with respect to online trade, while fostering an atmosphere of participation, creativity, responsibility, and philanthropy among its attendees. We dislike "get rich quick" & "theorists." We are attracted to facts and best practices. PeSA's charter is to assist the Australian e-commerce industry with vital information and provide the opportunity to network with industry peers.

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EECOMM & CARRY ON eCommerce News (PubCon Las Vegas)


Posted on by chris Phil Leahy is flying solo in PubCon in Las Vegas but has collected some great interviews with leading eCommerce personnel; check out E-COMM AND CARRY ON Friday 19th October.

We talk with the Head of Global Search at Shahid Awan, Marketing Manager of Raaid Hossain and Owner of Kitchenware Direct, Peter Macaulay. Keep the conversation going – email us, follow us on twitter, join us on LinkedIn and like us on Facebook

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ECOMM & CARRY ON eCommerce News Sept 14 2012

Live from in Denver Colorado. 

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ECOMM & CARRY ON eCommerce News Aug 31 2012

This week we report on the breaking news of who are owned by – taking over the running of – a big market shake up in online marketplaces. We also look at Zeek rewards being shut earlier this week-following on from our earlier report. And lastly we have an exclusive interview with Gordon Nugent eCommerce Director for Harvey Norman.

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ECOMM & CARRY ON eCommerce News

Join Phil Leahy and Chris Morley as they examine the week of eCommerce in our  dynamic evolving industry.  Join Online Market Experts as we share the hot stories of the week.;

This week we look at the ATTACK from unions on Tarazz and Australia Post – again being unfairly portrayed in the media. Also Myer CEO Bernie Brooks says that in three years ‘Myer, David Jones, K-Mart, Target and other department stores will be dominating online sales – 3 years is a long time, but Bernie has his work cut out for him. And finally Chris Morley and Phil Leahy review a risque sexy you tube clip for a Yoga business run by Ashlea Talbot – this video has the potential to go viral – but is it going to get more business? Keep the conversation going – email us, follow us on twitter, join us on LinkedIn and like us on Facebook.

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Rubicon Crushes Google on Advertising Reach

There seems to be a David and Goliath story brewing in the competitive world of online advertising. In this case, the “David” in this story is a small-but-growing Los Angeles-based startup known as The Rubicon Project, or just Rubicon for short. The “Goliath” is none other than the king of online advertising: Google. In the month of July, Rubicon beat Google’s advertising reach. Rubicon’s ads were able to reach 96.2 percent of the US online audience, bringing in a total of 212.7 million unique visitors for its advertising clients. By contrast, Google reached 93.4 percent of the US audience, with a total of 206.6 million unique visitors.

In the words of Rubicon’s CEO, Frank Addante, who was quoted in the August 9, 2012, edition of Business Insider, Rubicon has “been on the tail of Google for a while now.”

A Brief History of The Rubicon Project

The fact that Rubicon surpassed Google is no accident; the company has been making itself busy by expanding its advertising network’s reach over the past several years. In May 2012, Rubicon acquired Mobsmith, a company providing mobile advertising products. 2010 saw the acquisition of Site Scout and the very large Fox Audience Network, a News Corp. property. In 2009, Rubicon purchased Others Online, a company that had created behavioral targeting services for online ads. The list of acquisitions and partnerships goes on; Rubicon has been quietly expanding their territory and technological prowess for several years.

Meanwhile, the company has also been busy hiring new executives and expanding their global reach although Google is a strong competitor so it may not yet be time to trade out of any holdings in your share dealing account just yet. Recent additions to the Rubicon team have included former Ticketmaster executives and seasoned business people drawn away from other cutting-edge tech firms.

Significantly, Rubicon has embraced the move in online advertising towards real-time bidding, or RTB. As the name suggests, RTB moves away from the traditional static bidding of online advertising and towards a more flexible, dynamic form of ad bidding. For advertisers, RTB provides greater cost efficiency, smarter advertising cookies and overall better ad performance. Mike Baker, the President of the Internet marketing research company DataXU and guest blogger for the popular ClickZ website, stated back in a 2009 post that he thought “early movers” with the RTB advertising technology would be greatly rewarded.1 At least when it comes to Rubicon’s success, he was certainly correct.

What Rubicon’s Advances Mean for Google and the Online Advertising Industry

How did the Rubicon Project pull off its toppling of Google? As alluded to above, it’s been a combination of technology acquisition and serving the right website properties. When it comes to technology, the RTB ad server technology used by Rubicon, known as REVV, is currently the only advertising platform that sources its inventory directly from the publishers. Everyone else uses intermediaries or various buying relationships.2

As for serving the right website properties, Rubicon’s customer base includes roughly one-third of the top 100 comScore publishers. Although it serves some of the largest web properties online, the ones not served by Rubicon include those that are already within the networks of the other major advertising network players, such as Facebook, Google, Yahoo, AOL, etc.

Time will tell if Google will catch back up to The Rubicon Project or if the Internet advertising industry has found itself a new Goliath.

1. Baker, Mike. “Real-Time Bidding: What It Is and Why It Matters.” October 19, 2009.
2. “Rubicon Project Passes Google in U.S. Audience Reach, Ranks #1 on ComScore’s Ad Focus Ranking Report.” BusinessWire. August 10, 2012.

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Pubcon discount code

Here is the discount code for Pubcon Las Vegas 2012. The Code:  rc-6560520 will get you 20% off registration. We have a group of Australian's traveling to the event so let me know if you are attending and would like to meet up.

Catch Matt Tuens, Founder & CEO AcuVox, Aaron Shear MD & CEO of Boost Search Marketing, and myself on the  Ecommerce Marketing Strategies Panel on Wednesday October 17 at 4:20pm.

Pubcon 2012 Coupon  

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Reach Foundation Heroes day

By Jan-Marie Henry,

Phil & myself were recently invited to a Reach Foundations Heroes day.

I remember watching a particular video last year when Jim Stynes spoke about the program & the teenagers they help & I had rather hesitant visions of myself blindfolded & swinging through the bush on a flying fox or perhaps being harnessed to a telegraph pole & being encouraged by those below to jump off

When we arrived at the bus I asked the question again & was told it would be an adventure & I would probably need tissues!

We proceeded to get to know each other on the trip there & told the person next to us stories of dysfunctional, non communicating childhoods & heard stories of philandering fathers &  parents losing their money. I could relate to the stress of that & to the difficulty of listening to parents argue over money. I didn't speak to this person one on one for the rest of the day & I do wonder if I'll l only be remembered for my dysfunctional family & parents who didn't know how to talk or relate to their children. Strange topics with which to speak to strangers at 8.30 am you may ask & I asked myself the same thing.

We arrived at the venue & were seated at the back of the room out of  view of 400 15 year olds.
Throughout the course of the day they were shown videos, asked to express their feelings - no mean feat when your peers are giggling next to you, & asked to give their opinions on various topics.

I found the facilitators fantastic as they made each child feel brave for standing up & speaking with the microphone.
No wrong answers all positive reinforcement & I'm sure at one point each of us up the back had wished there was a Reach foundation waiting there listening to us during those formative teenage years of our own.

What amazing work this foundation does for the youth of this country.
Identifying problems, seeking out peer group leaders, listening to those who can bravely find their voice amongst 400 kids & say their often life changing words in front of a huge crowd.

We were hit by a few bombshells throughout the day & I feel so happy that these kids have taken the first step towards entering the rest of their teenage years with a more positive attitude knowing that they have a support network that they can rely on.

That network is Reach.

Phil & myself both feel enormously privileged to have been invited to such an inspirational day & to be able to witness first hand some of the wonderful work the Reach foundation do for the youth of Australia

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Case study of the 2012 PeSA internet Conference

 CASE STUDY – Prepared by Klara Vida, Communications Manager, Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre
Paul Greenberg
 The Professional eBay Sellers Alliance unveiled a comprehensive program for the 6th annual PeSA Internet Conference (formerly the PeSA Summit) at the Gold CoastConvention and Exhibition Centre (GCCEC) in 2012, teaching the practicalities of online selling by 70 featured international and local expert speakers.  Targeting small to medium-sized sellers from the online realm who make up the majority of the Australia e-commerce market, PeSA showcased expert advice from a rich agenda of speakers including Gabby Leibovich, Co-founder of CatchOfTheDay and Scoopon; Ruslan Kogan, Founder and CEO of; Deborah Sharkey, Managing Director of eBay Australia; Ahmed Fahour, Managing Director and CEO of Australia Post; plus a bevy of other relevant and extremely successful internet sales experts and strategists.  Featuring 31 exhibitors, five breakout streams, three networking events, and a Gala Charity Dinner raising $89,000 for the Reach Foundation, the Conference showcased a competitive program focused on practicality and attracted approximately 600 attendees.  Topics covered in the breakout sessions summarised new products and services on the market, advice on where to invest marketing dollars, the tips and tricks of selling, achieving conversions, creating websites, competing in new markets and dozens of other sales-focused topics tailored to illustrate a complete picture from the experts. 
Since inception PeSA has steadily attracted more registrations at each of its conferences which offer solutions-driven advice and focus on the practicality of selling rather than the prevalent ‘get rich quick’ approach.
PeSA attendees
Located in the Arena, southern-end foyers and nine meeting rooms the Conference consumed approximately 4622 square metres of exhibition space.  Half the Arena was allocated to the plenary and half for a Gala Charity Dinner seating 300 guests.  The exhibition was located in the foyers while the meeting rooms housed concurrent breakout sessions from the main plenary.
Conference organisers are looking at expanding the event at the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre in 2013 by adding 1275 square metres of convention space to cater for escalating requirements.  Since the inaugural event, registrations for the PeSA Conference have been adding incrementally as more and more e-commerce operators are sprouting with viable products and services which are undercutting bigger business.  As e-commerce has gathered momentum so has the PeSA Conference attracting online retailers, eBay PowerSellers, entrepreneurs and anyone looking to optimise their skills in web selling.  PeSA Internet Conference Founder and Managing Director Phil Leahy said that in 2012 the conference expanded its content offering, featuring more streaming sessions and solutions-focused exhibiting parties, including eBay, PayPal and Australia Post. 
PeSA was situated at the Centre for its second consecutive year, formerly rotating between Sydney and Melbourne before organisers chose to take it to the Gold Coast as an alternative meetings destination.  Phil added that the Gold Coast is a relatively cheap and accessible destination to fly to – there are plenty of low cost carrier options – and accommodation is ample and tailored to all budgets so visitors are spoilt for choice.
As a new initiative for PeSA in 2012 QR codes were introduced allowing exhibitors to scan registrants’ conference passes with their smart phones to gather delegate information.  This not only saved exhibitors’ resources - eliminating the need for additional staff or expensive machinery – but also helped PeSA to be at the forefront of online change.
Phil Leahy
Phil Leahy

PeSA concluded with the networking highlight of the conference - the Gala Charity Dinner which raised $89,000 for the Reach Foundation.  A chance to relax, enjoy a well-earned glass of wine and sample a taste of the Centre’s award-winning cuisine, the Gala Dinner was the perfect setting to mix, mingle and discuss lessons learned from the action-packed event.  Each year the Reach Foundation runs preventative programs designed to promote health and mental wellbeing for more than 60,000 young Australians. 

Gil Levy ecommerce Partners
Gil Levy (ecommerce partners)

 Save the date for the next PeSA Internet Conference on 29 - 31 May 2013 at the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre.  For further details visit PeSA’s very comprehensive website which details everything from this year’s agenda, speakers and exhibitors to frequently asked questions, delegate profiles and a list of useful resources.

The Gold Coast exhibition Centre is the best venue to hold an event in Australia. I have also held over a dozen events in different cities across the USA and found the team at the GCEC to be very friendly and professional and I highly recommend them as conference & event partners.

Sheridyn Fisher
Sheridyn Fisher
Jim Stewart
Jim Stewart

Friday, June 29, 2012

PeSA 2012 - Frooition eBay Design Winner

Huge congratulations to Jeremy from, the winner of Frooition’s FREE advanced eBay Design competition draw hosted at PeSA 2012.
The competition was very popular with over 100 different entries at their recent PeSA 2012 exhibition, with the eventual winner being drawn on Friday 1st of June.
“I am so happy about winning this store. Words actually cannot explain. All I have wanted is to re-platform my current eBay store and listings. This prize is amazing!” - Jeremy
Jeremy can look to enjoy all the benefits of a Frooition World Leading Design including:
·       100% custom design
·       Increased visitor buyer confidence
·       Increased average order values
·       Intuitive navigation with easy product find
·       On average, a massive sales increase of up to 30%!
And so much more... eBay Design
And best of all, his design will be delivered in just a few short weeks!
Check out their great eBay design services at and see how you can benefit from professional design.

PeSA is an internet conference run by the Professional Ecommerce & eBay Sellers Alliance, this year we hosted our sixth annual ecommerce on the Gold Coast (30th May-1st June 2012). Check out our future conference at on May 29th-31st June 2013!

Look forward to seeing you there!

Friday, June 8, 2012

PeSA Internet Conference raises $89,000 for the Reach Foundation.

Each year PeSA Internet Conference hosts a Gala Charity evening for the Australian e-Commerce community to network together & support a charity.
Last year the event raised  just over $28,000 for the Reach Foundation with it’s co-founder Jim Stynes delivering a heart wrenching key note speech.
 This year we were aiming to raise about $50,000 and we were delighted by the on going support of individuals and companies who so generously helped raise almost $90,000 once again for the Reach Foundation.
The Reach Foundation charity should have had a strong fund raising year when its founder Jim Stynes passed away and therefore generated so much publicity and public support. However Julia Gillard publicly announced that the government was going to donate a large sum of money in memory of Jim. This however did not happen and many people failed to donate as they thought the Australian government had donated on behalf of taxpayers. The Reach Foundation’s Managing Director rang me to say the money raised could not have come at a better time.
I’d like to thank the sponsoring companies for donating auction items, the 300 plus attendees at the Gala event and my team Kimberley Palmer, Neroli Schutt, Georgina Ward and Claire Kowarski who helped to make this event possible.

MC  James O'Loghlin
 Paul Greenberg & John Lawson
 Phil Leahy & Jan-Marie Henry
 Paul Greenberg, Gabby Leibovich & Ruslan Kogan

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The World’s Leading and Only eBay Certified Design Firm back in Australia!

Returning to ‘Oz’ in May and June, Frooition are truly excited to be returning to exhibit in Australia from the United Kingdom.

They’re attending the Professional eBay and eCommerce Sellers Internet Conference (PeSA) at the Gold Coast Convention & Exhibition Centre from the 30 th May to 1st June 2012.

The event will have many thought leading exhibitors discussing the latest on eBay and eCommerce including Deborah Sharkey (Managing Director eBay Australia & New Zealand), John Lawson (AKA ColderIce), ChannelAdvisor, PayPal, Magento, Frooition and many more so it will come as no surprise this is set to be the biggest PeSA Event to date!
You will be able to find them on stand 7 where their specialist team including Andrew Main (eBay Strategist) will be exhibiting and ready to take your questions.

Why not stop by and say hello?

Why not swing by their exhibit to discuss your eBay business and find out how their eBay designs are proven to increase sales by a massive 30%! (on average).
If you’re unable to attend and miss the event, don’t worry, as you will be able to follow them on Twitter for the latest event activities! So keep watching and prepare for the latest on eBay and eCommerce.

Frooition brand eBay Stores for eBay Sellers all across the world, from your small eBay Hobby Seller right up to your large internationals such as Calvin Klein, Karen Millen, Speedo and many more. They have the proven knowledge and skills to enhance your eBay Store and increase your average sales by up to 30%! They also design ecommerce websites, and produce facebook designs.
Simply visit here and see how, as the only eBay Certified Store Designer they can help you!

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Famous RIP 14.8.99 - 15.5.12

Famous 14th August 1999 to 15th May 2012 We say goodbye to Famous, our best friend & constant adoring companion for nearly 13 years. Jan-Marie cradled him in her arms from Woodend to South Melbourne when he was just a bundle of paws & ears at 8 weeks old. He has enriched our lives & we feel very blessed to have spent these last years with such a devoted, loving & devastatingly beautiful Weimaraner. Their will never be another Famous & we love him more today than we did yesterday. And in the words of another Weimaraner owner he was as beautiful to hold as to behold. We have countless fond memories. He first displayed his never ending love of water by crying at the bathroom door when he woke up on his first morning with us as a tiny puppy & didn't stop crying until we put him in the shower. His passion for water never ended whether it was salt, chlorine, lake, river or puddle - he was in it. He was our baby, very much loved and forever very much missed. RIP Famie.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

James O"Loghlin MC & Speaker for PeSA Gala Charity Dinner


James O'Loghlin

Comedian and Media Personality (MC Gala Charity Dinner)

James O'Loghlin is one of Australia's leading comedians and media personalities.

Since 2004 he has hosted ‘The New Inventors’ on ABC TV. From 2002 to 2006 he hosted ‘The Evening Show’ on 702 ABC Sydney and ABC Local Radio around NSW and the ACT.  James’ background as a commercial and criminal lawyer blended with his live and broadcast comedy has helped him become a talented and versatile comedian, entertainer and communicator.

James began performing stand-up comedy in 1990 and has performed thousands of times around Australia, and been a regular guest on virtually every national television program that has  guests who think they are funny and/or clever on it, from ‘Good News Week’ and ‘Rove Live’ to ‘Sunrise’ and ‘Lateline’

James O'Loghlin is a sought after corporate performer. His experience and versatility mean he can easily assume the role of MC, facilitator, moderator, panellist, after dinner speaker, corporate comedian and debater. He speaks regularly on Creativity and Innovation.

He is the author of ‘Umm…a Complete Guide to Public Speaking’, and he teaches and coaches public speaking. He is currently writing a book on Work/Life Balance and speaks on this subject as well.
James is very funny, but is also able when appropriate to be serious. One of his strengths is the ability to have an audience laughing one minute and thinking the next.

He has written and hosted his own television shows, and written and performed several popular live comedy shows, including "Lawyer Lawyer", about his 8 years as a corporate and criminal lawyer. I am so pleased to have James as our MC & Speaker for the 2012 PeSA Gala Charity Dinner

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Fashion brand Tommy Hilfiger to speak at PeSA Internet Conference.

Media Release
Wednesday, April 11, 2012
Ecommerce expert from US fashion brand Tommy Hilfiger to speak at PeSA Internet Conference.

Adding to an exciting line-up of exceptional online retail talent, the annual PeSA Internet Conference 2012 has secured US ecommerce specialist Jared Blank, of international fashion brand Tommy Hilfiger , as a keynote speaker.
Jared will be sharing (with the 600+ audience) his insights into the challenges and opportunities for fashion brands in the online space. This includes the experience of Tommy Hilfiger selling via leading marketplace eBay and sharing what he’s learned in the process of re-developing Tommy Hilfiger’s ecommerce platform.
“Jared will have true cutting-edge insight to offer our audience” says Phil Leahy from Internet Conference. “We have a lot of online talent in our Australian speakers, but it’s generally acknowledged the US online market is a few years ahead of Australia, which is why we always bring out several international speakers to the annual PeSA Internet Conference.”

Jared Blank is the Vice-President of E-Commerce for the brand. Prior to joining Tommy Hilfiger in 2004, he was the Senior Travel Analyst at Jupiter Research. Previously, he was a senior consultant at Deloitte Consulting, focusing on supply chain management and strategic marketing. He is a graduate of the University of Michigan and earned an MBA from Case Western Reserve University.
There are over sixty content sessions at Internet Conference, with keynote speakers from eBay, PayPal, Magento and Australia Post, plus leading online Australia entrepreneurs including:
  • Ruslan Kogan – Founder and CEO of and Australia’s wealthiest entrepreneur under 30.
  • Gabby Leibovich – Co-founder of Scoopon and Catch of the Day.
  • Paul Greenberg – Co-founder of 

The PeSA Internet Conference runs May 31-June 2 at the Gold Coast Convention Centre. Registrations for the 2.5 day event are only $495. A full exhibition accompanies the  PeSA Internet Conference. 

For further information, a media pass to the event, or to arrange an interview with Jared, contact: KimberlyPalmer, Brazen Productions, 0403 937 347 or NeroliBourke on 0438 389 172