Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Beware of online filter bubbles

Please take 9 minutes and watch this important video.

The most affordable consultant your business will ever use

A new book called Get Your Business Online Now written by an eCommerce expert with more than ten years’ experience could be all that separates Australian small business owners from a successful long-term eCommerce strategy.  For the first time, Australian author Todd Alexander has compiled a simple but thorough guide covering everything from website design and functionality to marketing and branding, logistics and customer service advice and everything in between.  

Todd has also included advice from a range of Australia’s best eCommerce professionals including leaders at Bing, eBay, PayPal, Deals Direct, The Nile and a range of online agencies.  Todd has been a great help to me over the years and when I first started my eBay business. Todd provided information and assistance in the early days that helped me immensely. 

One of the biggest challenges facing any business owner today is finding the time to create an online strategy that is both cost-effective and a decent return on investment.  Get Your Business Online Now does a lot of the hard work for you and gives clear and direct advice on how to prioritise the thousands of options that are available.  What I like best about the book is it’s clear style – there’s no jargon or complicated theories, just honest and to-the-point information every business can implement.  The highlight at the end of the book is a nine month business plan that can help you boost your eCommerce success.  Even if you have an existing website, the book is an invaluable resource for helping you improve its performance.

Readers of my blog can buy the book for 10% off retail plus free shipping here .  You can read more information at the book’s website: www.gybo.com.au and Todd has also agreed to appear at the next Internet Conference   in May.  For $24.95, the book is the most affordable consultant your business will ever use.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Registrations pass 200 + only two days left for super early bird registration.

Registrations pass 200 + only two days left for super early bird registration.

With well over 200 people already registered, Internet Conference is on track to be the biggest yet. Our Super Earlybird rates end at midnight on WEDNESDAY, so if you've yet to book, make sure you do so immediately. If you have booked and paid for your ticket, but didn't register for a pre-conference workshop or the Gala Dinner, there is still time.

Pre-Conference Workshops:   We are more than HALF full for the session on social persuasion with John Lawson and a third full for the session on SEO Essentials with Ash Nawalla.  Learn more about these option workshops here.

Gala Dinner:  Our guest speaker for the evening will be media expert and personality, Steve Price. You may have seen Steve on Tuesday nights on The Project, or know him for his extensive media management career. Steve will be speaking about the changing media landscape in Australia and sharing tales of behind the scenes from his many years as a senior journalist. Learn more about the night.

If you've already booked for the Conference, but now want to attend a workshop or the gala dinner, simply email us.

Internet Conference is back on the sunny Gold Coast - which delegates raved about last year and which is a truly affordable destination for all. So if you've yet to book, you've got two days left to take advantage of the Internet Conference Super earlybird rate of only $395.  Read on to learn more or register online today>

Phil Leahy - PeSA Australia

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Monday, February 6, 2012

Why attend The PeSA Internet Conference?

The Gold Cost Venue was chosen again for the following reasons:

  The post conference 2011 survey reported that the attendee and exhibitor’s feedback was over 70% for a return to the Gold Coast. (Each year we typically get a number of 35% Melbourne, 35% Sydney and 30% other.)
  •   Gold Coast airfares and accommodation are significantly cheaper.
  • All accommodation options are within walking distance to the venue.
  • The venue’s food, services and facilities are the world’s best practice.
  • The price of holding the event is lower on the Gold Coast and this is reflective in the ticket price to you.
  • The networking is better on the Gold Coast. The temptation to go back to the office or miss parts of the conference is taken away when the majority of people travel. This also allows you to step out of your business and make time for reflection and focus on change.
  • The weather during winter is fantastic and you have the option of staying the weekend and adding a holiday!

Ticket Prices
We are committed to keeping this event accessible to all levels of sellers.  We pride ourselves in having one of the lowest cost tickets in the world. Exhibitors and sponsors heavily subsidise our ticket price.
We also deliver a high standard of food and beverages for attendees.
(Typically some conferences will offer a box lunch for a ticket price of $1500 or more). 
If you cannot afford the cost or time then this is the conference you need to attend. (Easy to say, I know - but very true)

As the online universe expands - so do we. When I first started this event less than 5% of eBay sellers had their own website. This number now exceeds 50% and is growing at a rapid rate. We are therefore committed to helping sellers with information that will help them succeed with their own websites.  Our content offering has been expanded to 5 streams. We have also introduced workshops with experts so you can focus on a particular subject of interest. The eBay and PayPal stream will have practical “how to” content and advice. We are working hard on the agenda and will have more announcements during the month.

We have expanded the networking element and we understand the value of it. Some of the best “nuggets of gold” I have found over the years have come to me while networking at conferences.  You cannot understand the value until you invest in getting to know your fellow sellers and suppliers. The monetary value is worth every effort - the lifetime friendships that you can enjoy are worth more.

The true cost of holding our charity dinner is approx. $150 per head. We subsidise the ticket because of our belief in networking and our commitment to delivering a great charity result. For this reason we don’t offer tickets to people that have not registered for the conference. (We can look at a price for partners and I will discuss this with my team)

If you have not already please visit the site and Google+ 1 us (BTW very important to SEO) and join our LinkedIn and Facebook pages or follow us on twitter
I look forward to seeing you again and meeting new attendees.

Happy selling!