Tuesday, April 10, 2012

David (Dave) Jenks R.I.P.

On the night of Jim Stynes funeral Dave Jenks passed on. Today I am attending Daves funeral.

Dave Jenks RIP 25/8/61 -  27/3/12

I first met Dave Jenks in 2003 when he started showing up at St. Kilda bowling club. I quickly warmed to Jenks - it was hard not too. He became interested in the game and was roped into playing for St. Kilda.  I lent him my first set of bowls that were given to me by my late grandfather. Jenk’s ended up using them for a few years and had them re-stamped so they were legal to play with. I cherish my first set of bowls and will never sell them and I am proud that Jenks was a custodian.

Some called him an angry man. Sure he occasionally barked but very rarely bit. When he did bite, Dave bit of more than he could chew. Dave never challenged a lighter weight.
 I found him warm and accommodating.  He was rebellious and non-conformist, well read and travelled. He cared more for play and adventure than work. Jenks was competitive, caring and an artistic rogue.  Jenks lived his life his way, tragically deciding to end his life.  He is going to be sadly missed by his family and friends.

One constant for me was when I was at St. Kilda Bowling club there was a great possibility of sharing a drink or bowl with Dave which was something that I always enjoyed. I will miss his funny dry wit and his warm smile.

When people who are around you that you love suddenly die, some people regret that they did not tell the person that they loved them. I will never have that regret with Jenks.

I told him constantly.

RIP mate.

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  1. Really nice warm words Phil. I didn't know Dave really well but am sad about his passing and for his family. The Bear