Thursday, April 19, 2012

James O"Loghlin MC & Speaker for PeSA Gala Charity Dinner


James O'Loghlin

Comedian and Media Personality (MC Gala Charity Dinner)

James O'Loghlin is one of Australia's leading comedians and media personalities.

Since 2004 he has hosted ‘The New Inventors’ on ABC TV. From 2002 to 2006 he hosted ‘The Evening Show’ on 702 ABC Sydney and ABC Local Radio around NSW and the ACT.  James’ background as a commercial and criminal lawyer blended with his live and broadcast comedy has helped him become a talented and versatile comedian, entertainer and communicator.

James began performing stand-up comedy in 1990 and has performed thousands of times around Australia, and been a regular guest on virtually every national television program that has  guests who think they are funny and/or clever on it, from ‘Good News Week’ and ‘Rove Live’ to ‘Sunrise’ and ‘Lateline’

James O'Loghlin is a sought after corporate performer. His experience and versatility mean he can easily assume the role of MC, facilitator, moderator, panellist, after dinner speaker, corporate comedian and debater. He speaks regularly on Creativity and Innovation.

He is the author of ‘Umm…a Complete Guide to Public Speaking’, and he teaches and coaches public speaking. He is currently writing a book on Work/Life Balance and speaks on this subject as well.
James is very funny, but is also able when appropriate to be serious. One of his strengths is the ability to have an audience laughing one minute and thinking the next.

He has written and hosted his own television shows, and written and performed several popular live comedy shows, including "Lawyer Lawyer", about his 8 years as a corporate and criminal lawyer. I am so pleased to have James as our MC & Speaker for the 2012 PeSA Gala Charity Dinner

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  1. I love James very funny guy. I look forward to great night