Friday, June 8, 2012

PeSA Internet Conference raises $89,000 for the Reach Foundation.

Each year PeSA Internet Conference hosts a Gala Charity evening for the Australian e-Commerce community to network together & support a charity.
Last year the event raised  just over $28,000 for the Reach Foundation with it’s co-founder Jim Stynes delivering a heart wrenching key note speech.
 This year we were aiming to raise about $50,000 and we were delighted by the on going support of individuals and companies who so generously helped raise almost $90,000 once again for the Reach Foundation.
The Reach Foundation charity should have had a strong fund raising year when its founder Jim Stynes passed away and therefore generated so much publicity and public support. However Julia Gillard publicly announced that the government was going to donate a large sum of money in memory of Jim. This however did not happen and many people failed to donate as they thought the Australian government had donated on behalf of taxpayers. The Reach Foundation’s Managing Director rang me to say the money raised could not have come at a better time.
I’d like to thank the sponsoring companies for donating auction items, the 300 plus attendees at the Gala event and my team Kimberley Palmer, Neroli Schutt, Georgina Ward and Claire Kowarski who helped to make this event possible.

MC  James O'Loghlin
 Paul Greenberg & John Lawson
 Phil Leahy & Jan-Marie Henry
 Paul Greenberg, Gabby Leibovich & Ruslan Kogan

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