Thursday, December 20, 2012

Moral Compass Lacking from Google DNA

I attended a lunch meeting with David Wood - a European competition law expert and Legal Counsel for the Initiative for a Competitive Online Marketplace. At the lunch David gave a presentation about current competition drivers in Europe, including the ongoing matter between Google and the Director General Competition in the EC.

I was astounded to learn about how far Google has pushed the boundaries in regards to unfair and anti competitive behavior across the company’s product offerings. This also extends to Mapping & Listing Services, and Google’s using anti-competitive tactics to lock competitors on mobile devices.

A great example of Google behavior is in the travel & hotel business. How would you feel if you were spending millions of dollars with Google, lets say Expedia, then have Google announce that they are now in the Travel & Hotel business?

Google have oversight of your business information then use that information to be the dominant player overnight. This is akin to Google being a Black Jack dealer that not only plays in the game - but also knows what cards are being dealt.

This example alone demonstrates that the company has no moral compass in regard to anti competition laws and the customers that have helped make it rich.

This year we have seen Google's continuing 'enhancements' affecting business placements in search results. Most of these algorithm changes have been to benefit of Google.

Regarding industry participation, we have been asking Google for over 4 years to be involved with the PeSA Internet Conference. We provide over 70 content sessions that include subjects like Google Analytics, PPC management, SEO & Webmaster tools. The companies and attendees at the conference represent billions of dollars worth of online trade in Australia. Yet Google don’t seam interested in engagement. It’s seams that the folks at Google are only interested in Enterprise clients. It also seams that Google is keen to keep “the computer” between itself and online community rather than engage face to face.

We can only hope that in 2013 that Google show more engagement with the Australian online community and start supporting events like Online Retailer, The Online Retail Awards, iStrategy and PeSA.

If you would like more information regarding Initiative for a Competitive Online Marketplace. Please visit I-COMP.ORG

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