Sunday, February 3, 2013

PeSA Q1 2013 meeting with eBay Australia Executives

I can report that we had a very productive meeting with eBay management.  The quarterly meetings with the PeSA board are held confidentially so we cannot give specific details regarding upcoming changes or policy movements. Many of the issues that you have raised on this post have already been identified as “pain points” for sellers by eBay management and solutions are being addressed with many being rolled out over the course of this year. 

While we would like to share more specific information, it is not our place to make announcements. I can say there are some exciting changes coming in Search, rewarding sellers for maintaining Best Practice Retail Standards, along with several initiatives to make it easier for your customers to buy and pay and for sellers to market to them effectively.

PeSA Australia has been meeting with eBay management here and in the USA since 2005 and the PeSA Australia Board members are impressed with the current level of engagement shown by the management team in listening to the concerns of the seller community and taking proactive steps to improve the seller experience.

PeSA and eBay will never agree 100% of the time on everything but I can say the majority of changes will benefit Australian sellers.

The PeSA board would also like to take the opportunity to recognize eBay’s Global boss John Donahoe and Australian MD Deborah Sharkey. Deborah and the Australian team have been recognized as one of the top eBay marketplaces in the world, which gives the team access to greater resources and the ability to react faster in an ever-changing global landscape.  Australian sellers in partnership with eBay should take pride of our standing globally. (The American’s watch & listen closely to the Australian office)