Monday, January 13, 2014

We want Symantec!

Dear Team Symantec,

The PeSA team has been trying to reach out to anyone at (your great company) who will listen about sponsoring our conference bags. We've tried tweeting, calling and emailing!  That’s how serious we are about wanting to start a partnership with you!  Not only have we have seen your bags being toted around at numerous events, like Online Retailer and the eCommerce expo, but we even use your laptop bag on daily bases during our commute to work. Don't believe me? Check out our Conference Director Helena being snapped on the busy streets of Sydney walking to a meeting! 

Our eighth event being held May 28th-30th 2014 on the Gold Coast, will be bringing together 900 attendees for 2 and a half days of networking and learning best practices and solutions that can grow their online business. Everything is just about finalised - except for 1 missing piece to complete an otherwise seamless event,  our 900 delegates are in need of a conference bag they can comfortably carry around for the duration of the event and we would like nothing more than to see our attendees walking around with a Symantec bag!  The Symantec brand = cool.  (Check out the brands who think we are cool).

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