Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Capital injection:

Capital injection:

PeSA Internet Conference offers three businesses the chance for a $50,000 capital injection in 2014

An exciting new session at the 8th annual PeSA Internet Conference will (Live on Stage) give three finalists the opportunity to pitch their business or idea and potentially walk away with a new $50,000 investment in the business. The conference session, called Capital Injection, is open for applications by any Australian business that attend the conference, as long as their application is submitted by 15 May.
The applications will be judged in advance and whittled down to three worthy businesses. These three businesses will then ‘pitch’ their business, in front of a live audience and three judges, at the final session of the Conference. If there is a convincing case put forward to the judges, they will either make an offer of investment or a loan that can be accepted or rejected by the finalist.
Modeled on programs like Shark Tank and Dragon’s Den, Internet Conference Director Phil Leahy says this type of session is unique to Internet Conference. “We have been supporting innovative Australian online retailers for eight years with the conference and we’re so excited to be able to extend that support with this new Capital Injection offering. The business will gain a valuable investment partner, both in terms of funds and experience.”
Applicants needs to answer questions such as:
•    Where will the investment funds go?
•    What attempts have you made to build your business?
•    The circumstances surrounding how you developed and conceived your business.
•    What is unique about your business and what is ‘the hook’
The capital injection will require a portion of the company ownership being awarded to the investor.


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