Wednesday, July 2, 2014

My best decision was booking Vinh Giang

My best decision of the conference was booking Vinh Giang as a keynote speaker this year. On a personal level he hit the mark. Our survey data confirmed the same.  In my job of looking after the content of the conference which includes placing 80+ speakers, I make it my business to attend (at least) one conference a month. I get to see some of the best. In May at Magento Imagine in Las Vegas (one of the best conferences to attend) I had the pleasure of listening to a keynote from the great Malcolm Gladwell.  They don’t come much better than Gladwell.  If I could only spend everyday with a speakers like Malcolm…

The most enjoyable part of my job is listening to greatness. The best part: Delivering greatness by picking someone like Vinh Giang to deliver a keynote. If I have any skill above others, it is the ability to find the best people.
I thank Vinh for raising the bar.

I do make this prediction: Vinh Giang will be famous and will help many in his path.   I look forward to witnessing his journey.

Thanks Vinh for one of the best keynotes that I have ever seen.

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